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Betateam   Santa Monica, United States

Betateam saves startups time by providing them with feedback from experts in the areas of conversion rate optimization, growth and funding. The majority of proceeds are kept as a fund which invests in promising client companies and our experts are granted equity in the fu...

Software, Conversion, Growth, Funding


Vytmn   Santa Monica, United States

Growth As a Service. Vytmn provides full service marketing for SMBs powered by marketing intelligence and automation. We handle the marketing infrastructure so businesses & brands can focus on their business.

Marketing, Social, Growth, Service


Ferris   Santa Monica, United States

We are a small startup based in Los Angeles, CA. Ferris helps people edit and share videos that are trapped on their phone. Most video apps are limited to only a few seconds or only of content that is "social media worthy" but most video that people capture is longer and ...

Mobile, Video, App, Family


SYBG   Santa Monica, United States

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SYBG (Since You’ve Been Gone) is the easiest way for you to (Re)activate and (Re)engage users. Automatically deliver on-site, in-product, and e-mail product update announcements personalized for each individual user. The result: higher customer activation, engagement, re...

Saa S, Marketing, Product, Customer


Project FANchise    Santa Monica, Us

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Project FANchise is the ultimate engagement for sports fans. We're building a mobile app that will allow fans to run a professional football team - everything from designing the logo and uniforms to hiring the coaching staff and picking the players to calling the plays in...

Ages 15 45, Sports Fans, Technology Enthusiasts, Fantasy Football Fans

Patientpop screenshot

PatientPop   Santa Monica, California

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PatientPop is a fast-growing healthcare technology company with $75 million in funding. PatientPop has one simple mission: to help healthcare practices thrive. We do this by giving providers everything they need attract and recall patients to continuously grow their p...

B2 B, Healthcare, Health Care Information Technology


Bark’N’Borrow   Santa Monica, California

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Bark'N'Borrow is an online service that puts busy dog owners in touch with people that love dogs, and want a dog, but can't commit to one full time, but would love one for a short amount of time, whether that be for an afternoon run, long weekend or even a week at a time....

Marketplace, Consumer Services, Sharing Economy, Pets