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Proximity   San Francisco, California

Proximity helps you chat & locate your friends off the grid - no WIFI or cell reception needed. Just turn on bluetooth and go. We believe that your surroundings shouldn't limit your ability to connect! Think about all the times you were abroad, on the ski slopes, down...

Mobile, Bluetooth, Communication, Messaging


Starry   San Francisco, California

Problem: Normally when someone wants to know funding/traffic information of a startup, s/he will have to go to three different websites: CrunchBase, AngelList and Alexa, which becomes very annoying if you do so frequently. Solution: A chrome/safari extension that int...

Search, Data Visualization, Chrome Extension, Safari Extension


Mailburn   San Francisco, California

Mailburn is an iPhone email client that shows your conversations with real people as chats, without "Show quoted text" and other distracting stuff. Conversation that takes 3 screens in Gmail app fits in one screen in Mailburn. Mailburn also has email tracking built-in so ...

Enterprise Software, Mobile, Email, Saa S


Our Family Lives (TV)   San Francisco, CA

Today’s modern families are separated by time, place, and technology know-how. What if there were a central place for every generation in a family to share, interact and truly collaborate to bring your family’s most meaningful digital mementos to life (no matter where the...

Consumer Internet, Saa S, Cms, Entertainment


The Photomobile   San Francisco, California

They say you can't have your cake and eat it too. We'd like to know why not? With the Photomobile you go ahead and indulge in that cake. No longer do you have to pick between great service and affordable prices, we've got it all. Unlimited prints, social media uploads, an...

Photobooth Rental, Photography, Print, Events


Posterini   San Francisco, USA

Quickly design and promote professional digital posters & marketing flyers. There is nothing to Install and it offers unlimited Re-Editing capabilities. Save time/effort, get more followers/customers for your products, services, news, events and yourself.

Design, Marketing

Golgi logo 250x250

Golgi   San Francisco, United States

Golg SDK helps App Developers Accelerate App Start-Up and Load Times by 20x. Golgi provides developers with a toolkit for App to App and App to Server Rich Content and Function Transport. With Golgi installed developers can reduce development time and focus on creating c...

Saa S, App Development


Sober   San Francisco, United States

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Sober is a fun way to connect with other sober people around you! Swipe right to "like" or swipe "left" to pass anonymously. If someone likes you back, you’re a match! If you come across someone you know, don't be shy, send them a friend request. Chat with friends and mat...

Social network, Sober, Dating


Skrlla   San Francisco, USA

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Skrlla is the fastest way to send or request $1 with your friends or send $1 to one of our charity partners. Login with your Venmo account, tap HIT to request $1 or tap SKRLLA to send $1, you can also add an optional message.

I Phone, Charity, Money Exchange

Pk screen

Pike   San Francisco, USA

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Pike is a Chrome browser extension that makes it easy to share and discuss the interesting things you find online with your friends right there on the webpage privately. With Pike installed, whilst reading any interesting article on the web, highlight the most interesting...

Browser Extensions, Sharing, Social Media, Content

Nulence 3115 torcche social media twitter rev01a

Torcche, Inc.   San Francisco, California

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Torcche is a mobile location-based social platform where you can communicate and meet up with your friends around the world in real-time. In a world where everyone is busy and scattered in different places, our instant friend finder will allow you to see who is nearby at ...

Mobile, Social Media, Location Based Services, Consumer Technology


Drunk Mode   San Francisco, Us

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Features (Presently Available) 1) Find My Drunk - Use GPS to track drunk friends, keeping you and them safe 2) Stop Drunk Dialing - Block selected contacts to hide them Sent from my iPhone 3) Breadcrumbs – Track your night to retrace your steps the next day (Lost Ke...

College Students, Parents, Universities


Dashtab   San Francisco, USA

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Dashtab is a new tab within Salesforce to replace the leads tab. Instead of one long list of all of your leads and their properties, we have made a drag-and-drop column UI so you can visualize your whole inside sales pipeline. With smart sort, automation, and easy acti...

Web App, Business Development


amoCRM   San Francisco, CA

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amoCRM is an automated platform for sales management. It gives a full view of pipeline and full analytics on what’s going on inside your sales department. Increase your sales confidence by collecting, tracking and following-up on your leads to never miss an opportunity ag...

Small And Medium Business, Sales Marketers

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Trullo   San Francisco, CA

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Brief description: Tell your friends about the things you love and discover your next great book, movie or gadget. Trullo is a network of friends and experts sharing experiences with each other, making your decisions easier. Problem it solves: Isolated decision makin...

Consumers, Fans, Readers, Watchers


Dateable   San Francisco, Us

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Dateable is Bay Area's newest dating site. Feedback is at the core of what makes Dateable different than other dating sites. Feedback is the engine which drives which matches we provide you. Whether it’s feedback on potential matches, matches you are communicating with or...

Consumers, Singles In The Bay Area

P1   San Francisco, Us

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Our team works hard to handpick the best clothing and gear from outdoor brands. We focus on promoting the brands that are doing things right by creating high quality products in a responsible way. On, you can discover emerging brands with innovation in thei...

Travel, Adventure, Outdoors, Nature


Thalamus   San Francisco, CA

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Thalamus is the largest crowdsourced database of ad vendor data in the world. With over 50,000 ad partners and counting, Thalamus houses the most comprehensive dataset of ad partner capabilities, contacts, marketing collateral, ad specs, network data, and marketer review...

Digital Advertising, Mobile Advertising, Media Planning, Digital Marketing


Chakaz Deals   San Francisco, Us

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Chakaz Deals is focused on finding awesome and quality tech deals from around the web. Our endeavor is to help you save and buy stuff that is useful and at the best possible price. We would be publishing a crisp set of deals everyday with a clean and responsive user i...

Tech Deals, Daily Deals, Best Deals, Money Saver


Roomi   New York, San Francisco

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Roomi is a mobile platform that’s reinventing the way people search and connect in the rental industry. That starts with building back trust in the peer-to-peer marketplace. Roomi is the simplest and safest choice for the housing search, curating the best rooms and servic...

I Os, Web, Tech, Real Estate


Tortuga Retreats   San Francisco, Us

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Tortuga Retreats makes it easier than ever for you to bring your remote team together on a fun and immersive retreat. Get to truly know the people behind the jobs. Connect, create and share incredible experiences. We organize all the details just right, so that everything...

Remote Workers, Distributed Teams, Ce Os, Entrepreneurs

Cloudsponge widget desktop

CloudSponge   San Francisco, California

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CloudSponge improves the performance of any email referral channel such as double-sided refer-a-friend programs, sending coupons to friends, emailing e-cards or invitations and finding friends in networks. They provide a self-service tool and full-service consulting en...

Developers, Marketers, Reference


Yodeck Digital Signage   San Francisco, Us

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Yodeck allows you to manage your monitors remotely through the web or mobile. All you need to do is set up playlists to be displayed on your screens, including video/image uploads, YouTube videos, and web pages. You can also choose to display a widget from our growing col...

Digital Signage, Hardware + Software, Saa S, Internet Of Things

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VetPronto   San Francisco, California

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VetPronto is a house call veterinary service that provides the highest quality and most convenient care. We can provide wellness exams, prescriptions, vaccinations, diagnostics and minor procedures all in the comfort of your home.

Pet Owners, Consumers


Silent Partner   San Francisco, United States

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Silent Partner's pioneering approach quiets the snoring noise at its source creating a silent zone around the person wearing it, giving you and those around you a better night's sleep. Silent Partner utilizes Active Noise Cancellation technology (ANC) which senses the sn...

Consumers, Spouse, Singles, Bachelors


Badger Maps   San Francisco, CA

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Badger Maps is a customer mapping tool that allows outside sales reps to accelerate sales with automatic territory management. Badger Maps does a ton of the busy work for the reps.The route optimizer easily finds the shortest driving directions possible to get more me...

Saa S, Android, I Phone, Outside Sales


Sunshine App Inc.   San Francisco, United States

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Sunshine allows you to: -Transfer, download, backup, & play large files without the cloud. -Fast transfers and streaming. Like among the fastest. -Free. And NO limits on file size or count -Direct sharing tech --> actual file contents are never seen by a third-party ...

Consumers, Mobile App


Reactful   San Francisco, United States

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Reactful is a powerfully simple tool that produces meaningful business impact by helping you automatically react to the digital body language of users in real-time. Turn the ‘maybes’ who visit your site into engaged prospects. Reactful learns the website journeys to f...

Saa S, Web, Mobile


Nudgespot   San Francisco, USA

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Nudgespot is a messaging platform that lets you acquire customers and engage them via in-app messaging, email, push and SMS notifications. The platform has a powerful multi-channel marketing automation core plus a real-time messenger that lets you track user activities an...

Customer Success, Marketers, Customer Support, Engagement

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Share Your Office   San Francisco, CA

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SYO provides listings of shared office space around the world. It's a service for professionals looking to share their office space: small teams and startups that are expanding on one hand, larger companies with extra office space available on the other. Share Your Off...

Office, Sharing Economy, Office Rental, Commercial Real Estate