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Socialeyes   San Francisco, CA

Socialeyes, the new IOS/Android app, attempts to revolutionize your social life. Given the hustle bustle of everyday life, this app lets you retain the simple pleasures of life, like a fun and spontaneous get together. With Socialeyes all you need to do is select whic...

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Free Code Camp   San Francisco, United States

Free Code Camp helps people build job-worthy portfolios of real apps used by real people, while helping nonprofits. Our 1,600-hour full stack JavaScript curriculum is completely self-paced, browser-based, and free. Our open source community serves people who a...

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EquityOwl - No Cash. No Salaries. Just Equity.   San Francisco, CA

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We are passionate about startups and entrepreneurship. Unfortunately, we’ve seen countless great ideas fail because they lack the funding and/or talent to get them off the ground. We’re here to change that with EquityOwl. Our platform makes it easy for entrepreneurs and b...

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Spora   San Francisco, Us

Spora improves the online giving experience with a completely re-imagined user interface, fine tuning the log in process, allowing a giver to sign up and give in minutes. Using a giving meter now givers can see the difference they make when they click "send," and the met...

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SendBird   San Francisco, United States

SendBird provides the chat API and the backend for your app enabling real-time communication among your users. You can save time and resources of your team by leveraging the wide range of features offered by our chat API

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Screenshot   San Francisco, United States is a service for developers to deploy caching on the cloud. Designed to speed up and provide caching without all the administration and technical nightmares. provides a simple way to spin up and manage a complete Varnish Cache solution for your we...

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Bar Roulette   San Francisco, CA

Discover a new bar with Bar Roulette. For those looking to break from routine, find an adventure, explore a new city, or simply want help deciding where to drink. Bar Roulette is a new web app that combines Yelp and Uber to take you to a highly rated bar. Input your l...

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Blossom   San Francisco, California

Blossom is a super lightweight project management tool for software developers. Managing software projects is really complicated so we've built Blossom in a way takes the noise out of managing software development. Blossom does all it can to get out of your way. You ca...

Software, Agile, Project Management, Developer Tools

Urbanbird   San Francisco, CA

UrbanBird creates maps based on your photos. The service automatically adds dates, locations, titles and descriptions to photos and populates them on a map. It also provides suggestions of places to visit based on where you took pictures.

Travel, Photography


Bunchcut   San Francisco, California

Bunchcut saves teams and individuals time when working on images. You and your team can use it to store all your digital assets in one central place. You can simply comment, send, tag images and create folders.

Marketers, Photographers, Decorators, Designers


Radio Royale   San Francisco, Us

- Listen to 1000's of AM/FM stations for free - Watch the music video for the song that's playing - Chat with others who are listening to the same station - Play in the background or enjoy fullscreen album covers - Create your own list of favorites to switch stations ...

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Mezi   San Francisco, CA

Mezi is your personal shopping assistant. It's the simplest way to buy anything just by sending a text message. Mezi saves you time by choosing the best reviewed products for you from leading merchants. No more maintaining multiple accounts, filling credit card detail...

Consumer Internet, E Commerce, Mobile, Lifestyle

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Paralign   San Francisco, United States

Paralign is an anonymous social journaling platform that connects you to similar thoughts as you journal. Paralign gives you feedback about your thought and mood patterns and helps you be more aware. Paralign’s companion feature personalizes guides (like guided me...

Teenagers, Adults

Relay1227 landing

Relay   San Francisco, CA

See what people are doing in your app from Slack. Connect us with your app (with Segment, Stripe, or API) and you'll be able to select relevant events and intelligently stream them to your Slack channel when they happen. Transparency keeps your entire team engaged with cu...

Saa S, Slack, Productivity


PersonalHeroes   San Francisco, United States

PersonalHeroes uses collective intelligence, to turn peer to peer positive impact into your "Positive Impact Records". This allows you to measure & keep track of your impact in the world. A new compass to decide what type of people you want to interact with at work, on yo...

Millennials, Gen Z, Social Impact, Self Conscious


Phoodie   San Francisco, California

Phoodie is a simple photo feed where you follow other phoodies (think Instagram). There are food friendly features to add and search for recipes (think Pinterest). You swipe to save anything you want to try (think Tinder). There's also the ability to find restaurants (thi...

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Reachr   San Francisco, United States

Reachr is the easiest way to find, contact and build relationships with your industry's opinion leaders. As an easy to use "Influencer CRM platform", it gives anyone the possibility to contact thousands of influencers with a single message for any marketing purpose: Out...

Marketing, Influencer Marketing, Blogger Marketing, Outreach


Angee   San Francisco, Us

Angee. The First Truly Autonomous Home Security System. Angee gives you a full 360° view of your home. With voice recognition, at-the-door identification, motion-detecting rotation, advanced learning, cordless portability, and a number of additional features .Angee arms a...

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DigiSpoke   San Francisco, USA

Workflow planning becomes a snap when you can arrange tasks and their dependencies. Simple or complex, you see the big picture of all of your work with DigiSpoke. No one likes status meetings, so DigiSpoke predicts the progress of all your projects and tasks. Task in the ...

Cloud, Project Management, Productivity, Predictive Analytics

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Everbarrel   San Francisco, California

While airlines and truck fleets already have the ability to hedge their fuel costs, Everbarrel enables retail consumers to prepay for gasoline at today's prices for future use. After gasoline prices have risen and you fill up, you can come back to our website and redeem ...

Energy, Retail Gasoline, Fuel

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ZenLocator   San Francisco, CA

ZenLocator is a beautifully simple store locator for companies that have physical stores - franchises, coffee shops, retail outlets. It's been re-imagined from the ground up not only in functionality and design, but also to improve offline conversions. The locator support...

Saa S, Ecommerce, Web development, Marketing


Spark   San Francisco, CA

Spark is a mobile app that let's you discover what's happening nearby. It's a whole new way to connect with activities you're interested in around you and the people behind them. Spark was created to help the founders get better at being social in San Francisco. We're hop...

Mobile, Social network, Location

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EchoRank   San Francisco, California

EchoRank provides a viral score known as the EchoScore to each piece of content shared across social media. The EchoScore takes into account several factors to measure true virality, including signals such as k-factor, velocity, and magnitude. EchoRank allows marketers...

Saa S, Social Media, Analytics, Marketing


Tackk   San Francisco, California

Tackk is a publishing platform that empowers users to publish one off pages instead of building entire websites. The target focus is for the teenage demographic, who have plenty of social sharing tools at their disposal but no go-to publishing utility for their needs (in ...

Publishing, Creation, Content Creation, Report Creation


Go Halfsy   San Francisco, USA

Go Halfsy is a community marketplace where people can list and discover items for co-ownership. We make it easy for people to own the things they love, affordably and efficiently. From designer bags to sporting equipment to vacation homes, there's a world of stuff that...

Mobile, Web


LinkTexting   San Francisco, California

We're an SMS form generator. It helps our users get more downloads from their desktop landing page of their mobile app. Once a user generates html, they simply copy and paste the code on to their landing page. This will allow their users to download the app directly f...

Mobile, Mobile Apps, Sms, App Store


Convertio   San Francisco, California

Easy tool to convert files online. A lot of different document, image, spreadsheet, ebook, archive, presentation, audio and video formats supported.

File Converter, Saa S


SketchBox   San Francisco, United States

SketchBox was created with the intention of empowering more artists to do what they love - make art! Every month, we deliver 5-6 premium art supplies right to your doorstep along with a unique piece of art to inspire you. What would you make if art supplies were delivered...

Subscription Service, Subscription Box, Art Supplies


hopOn   San Francisco, United States

Book flights from 400+ airlines, choose from 170,000+ hotels, and share travel expenses in a few clicks - hopOn makes discovering, planning and booking travel simple, whether you're traveling alone or with people, for vacation or a work trip. Create a triplist... Trip...

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Hover   San Francisco, United States

Hover is your one stop shop for RC aircraft enthusiasts. Features include an industry news feed, no fly zone maps, and weather data. App also includes a flight ready indicator. FEATURES - Flight Readiness Indicator: We give you a simple to understand flight status ...

Aerospace, Drone, Uav, Rc