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ADSMAN   Russia, Krasnodar

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ADSMAN.SSP - new self-service mobile advertising platform that provides expanded opportunities for monetization of any application for iOS and Android. Perfect balance allows a unique environment for publishers and ready to help in the creation and promotion of games and...

Mobile Advertising, App Monetization, Advertising Networks

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IdeaKeep   Russia, Moscow

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Idea management app for Slack. Collect, rank and discuss ideas with your team. Submit anonymous ideas, ideas on color post-it notes, organize brainstorms, export all ideas in CVS format. Organize your teamwork.

Idea Management, Software, Productivity Tools, Team Collaboration Tools


Dorado   Moscow, Russia

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Dorado allows you to edit your videos by adding different elements to give it a more animated and personal touch. This app is perfect for people from all walks of life who may find they need a cure for boredom, or want to indulge in some creativity and fun with their vide...

App, Video Editor, I Os, Gif


Test4startup   Russia, Saint Petersburg

Test4startup is the service that allows you to see if your idea is promising enough before you even develop a working prototype. Using artificial intelligence technologies test4startup collects such data as trends, market size, existing competition and investor activity i...

Saa S, Analytics, Marketing Research


Homium   Moscow, Russia

Communicate by telling stories. Invite friends, exchange news and send messages. Simple, fast and convenient. You can create stories just by uploading photos. They will be automatically converted and published. You can send a link to the story to your friends from popular...

Web, Social, Photography

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EverGraph   Moscow, Russia

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EverGraph is a simple yet effective graph based diagramming tool allowing to: - draw concise diagrams that are simple to navigate. - sketch ideas in no time. - get it simple: confront complexity of block based tools and notations such as UML. With EverGraph you can ...

Collaboration, Cloud, Project Management, Diagrams

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SoundLogin   Izhevsk, Russia

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SoundLogin is a solution that simplifies two-factor authentication process. It relies on audio watermarking technology to transfer one-time passwords (received via SMS or generated by application) from mobile device to desktop browser. It is compatible with standard two-f...

Internet Security, Cybersecurity

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Tradewally   Moscow, Russia

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With Tradewally you can: Sell your old motorcycle, camera, sofa, and lots of goods you no longer need. Exchange television set, lawn mower, bicycle, violin for necessary goods. Buy vintage clothing, minicars, antiquarian art, old books, vinyl records and other stuff. ...

SaaS, Social network

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ProjectHunt   Moscow, Russia

Not published Hire digital companies & get online projects. ProjectHunt is an online service that helps to organize tenders for digital projects. Platform has smart features, such as, selecting companies base on customer's needs.

Online Service, Digital, Companies, Website

01   Perm, Russia

Not published is the easiest way to visualize the project plan and schedule the work of the whole team. Create a plan for your project. Divide the project into stages, tasks and place them on the timeline. Specify the scope of tasks and assign employees. Share the link to the ...

Saa S, Project Management, Product Management

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OptiPic   Russia, Moscow

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OptiPic is a magic button for optimizing and compressing all images on the site. The service supports all possible CMS, frameworks and engines, based on PHP (even self-made). Connecting OptiPic to the site is simple and unified for any CMS. OptiPic includes an intelli...

Seo, Pagespeed, Saa S

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TourHarbor   Moscow, Russia

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TourHarbor was founded in 2017 by the team of travel & IT enthusiasts to make the process of browsing and comparing tours and activities worldwide less tedious and complicated. That's how the idea of smart metasearch engine was born accumulating day trips and excursions f...

Online Travel, Tourism


BypassGatekeeper   Chelyabinsk, Russia

BypassGatekeeper helps you find direct person contacts. Most of cold emails sent to public company accounts just gets ignored. You can dramatically improve bounce rates by talking directly with decision makers bypassing gatekeepers. But doesn't it looks like a spam? Ab...

Email marketing, Sales