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Checkout by Octobat   Paris, France

Octobat Checkout provides a fully automated billing solution and allows you to collect payments and subscriptions without having to develop a backend. Octobat calculates taxes before payment for all business models (Recurring, One-off charges, Marketplaces), makes it eas...

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BubbleGlobe   France, Paris

BubbleGlobe is a community platform allowing people to book authentic experiences hosted by locals while traveling or in their own city. The aim is to give everyone the opportunity to discover enriching activities and to share his passion, know-how or culture with others....

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Planity   Paris, France

Do you know that 46% of travelers are influenced by blogs to plan their next travel ? Planity is a blog platform and a social network dedicated to travel. Travelers can find and share entire travel stories with photos, texts, routes on a map, reviews. Visitors can f...

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Thenewtraveller   Paris, France

We want you to love Paris as much as we do, and make the most of your stay here. Get away from the usual and boring visits where you’ll be surrounded by only tourists, and immerse yourself into an authentic Parisian atmosphere. We want you to get as far as possible of wha...

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Vizzy   Paris, France

Vizzy is a simple video app which allows you to comment the scenes you film. Capture what you see, comment it with a video selfie, and share the moment. People can see you while seeing what you are sharing. It helps the user to deliver a more personal content and mak...

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BlueBoard   Paris, France

BlueBoard fills the intelligence gap between Consumer Electronics retailers (,,, ...) worldwide and your brand. BlueBoard is a B2B tracking tool that allows real-time monitoring of your products' availability, pricing & customer reviews...

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MyScienceWork   Paris, France

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MyScienceWork Polaris are enhanced institutional repositories, website like ArXiv or PubMed where you will be able to access scientific publications from research institutions.

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Kirby Project Hub   Paris, France

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Working on web projects, I have found that existing online project management solutions are great for teamwork but not very suited to simply keep my clients up to date with the progress of their project. I have developed a simple client area, named [Kirby Project Hub](...

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Read   Paris, France

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Read is an ePub reading app that helps pro-readers retain more from their readings thanks to multiple APIs they can connect to. (Dropbox, Evernote, Drive) Remembering what we read is a pain-point for avid readers. So how to save the quintessence of a book? We built the s...

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Stamplia   Paris, France

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Stamplia is the ultimate email templates marketplace. With hundreds of editable email templates to choose from, you can find and customize a beautiful template in minutes to fit your business needs. Our drag and drop editor allows you to design emails on the fly, no codin...

Saa S, Marketing, Email

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Percko   Paris, France

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The Percko is an undershirt lined with tensors in the shape of your back with the idea of good posture in mind. When you’re sitting up straight, you don’t feel a thing. But when you hunch, slouch or move in any way that’s bad for your back, you’ll feel a slight stimulatio...

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Slugbay home

Slugbay   Paris, France

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SlugBay want to help developers build better technology by providing them with the tools to discover, save and share the best resources easily and quickly. We needed a way to build our personal library of resources quickly and easily. As developers, we constantly need ...

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Reelevant   Paris, France

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Reelevant is the live email intelligence technology that analyzes the context of opening and the behavior of each recipient to deliver the message at the best time and display the most relevant content in real time. Reelevant allows marketing teams to not only send th...

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Consultant SEO   Paris, France

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Faites facilement vos recherches sur le blog Samuel Hounkpè Afin de rendre les recherches aisées sur sa plateforme, le blog Samuel Hounkpè comprend plusieurs catégories. Pour obtenir les informations souhaitées, il vous revient donc de vous rendre dans la catégorie trait...

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FlexiMobile   Paris, France

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FLEXImobile delivers high-end solutions to consumers who intend to monitor their kids Android or iPhone devices. FLEXImobile Spy Apps allow one to track chats, pictures, audio notes, videos and much more, from messengers like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Skype, Viber and...

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Collectizi browser mockup

Collectizi   Paris, France

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A better way to collect a list of required documents Collectizi makes it easy for teams and businesses around the world to collect, approve and share required lists of documents without hassle. Whether you need to gather documents, files and information from a cowo...

Saa S, Document Management, Productivity, Document Collection

Banniere%20phunt   Paris, France

Not published aims to solve the most crucial Entertainment industry problems, such as lack of promotion & visibility for independent video contents, lack of distribution channels and consequently a lack of monetization and return on investment penalizing the creation as a whol...

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SmartnSkilled   Paris, France

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SmartnSkilled offers effective and engaging online training with personalized educational support. All our trainings are led by certified trainers with a dual professional and pedagogical competence. You are professionals in position and you want to develop your skills...

Big Data, Cloud, Sql Server, Php Mvc

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Science Explainers   Paris, France

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We create highly engaging content based on your expertise and help you disseminate your research. By enabling research groups to easily talk about their expertise, we innovate the way science is shared. ​Our vision is to empower researchers through specific marketing prod...

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Raizers   Paris, France

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Raizers is an online investment platform that allows every person or company to build and follow its own portfolio through a full catalogue of European SMEs, selected by our analysts team. Since its accreditation as Participative Investment Advisor in France, Raizers...

Crowdfunding, Financial Services

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PoolRequest   Paris, France

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PoolRequest is a Slackbot that helps developers to efficiently manage their Github pull requests to review right from Slack. Invite PoolRequest into the channel you want and start to use keywords to add, list and review pull requests easily. 🚀

Slackbot, Devtools, Productivity, SaaS


Winkli   Paris, France

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Overview : Winkli is new app supported by one of the best French start-up incubators called TheFamily. The app is co-founded by 3 friends, Alexis Dupont, marketer specialized in mobile innovation, along with Vincent Tromeur and Alexis Creuzot, engineers and mobile develop...

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Front   Paris, France

Front is a Collaborative Inbox. We've introduced collaborative features in an email client to let you work as a team on your group addresses. No more dirty bcc, cc and forward. No more unanswered emails. Be ready to be amazed by emails, again! (And Twitter coming soon......

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Speedwapp   Paris, France

Speedwapp is a french Startup developing a new generation website builder with innovative features. The app lets design responsive websites in the finnest details without coding. It also lets import and edit templates from the popular WordPress and Twitter Bootstrap platf...

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Dub   Paris, France

Dub is the fastest way to remake videos. 1) Pick up your favorite extract from Dub's huge library. 2) Record yourself after the short video right from the app. 3) Make some fun around you Be one of the first Dubbers and create awesome Dubs.

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