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Playing Lean   Oslo, Norway

Playing Lean is a business board game that teaches the fundamentals of the Lean Startup in less than 90 minutes. It plays as a classical board game and ignites a competitive startup spirit. The concept has been developed in collaboration with Ash Maurya (@ashmaurya), the ...

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greenbird Integration Technology   Oslo, Norway

With, Greenbird provides big data integration applications (delivered as Orchestration-as-a-Service) for smart metering, smart grid, smart city and the Internet of Things. provides configurable business integration services in the cloud. In...

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YAY Images   Oslo, Norway

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We offer affordable plans which gives our users access to 6.5 million stock photos and vector files. The images can be streamed directly on your website, and we offer an in-browser editing tool. No need to use expensive stock photos. No need to download and upload images...

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Layup   Oslo, Norway

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Layup is your technical partner, and preferred tool, while creating unique experiences on the web. Web design is now in the hands of the designer. Creatives can now be independant from developers, with a new design tool, new advanced features and a sophisticated HTML5 out...

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OnCall   Oslo, Norway

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Keeping on call schedules up to date is a pain (too often they are spreadsheets hiding in some dark forgotten corner of a shared drive). OnCall lets you create on-call schedules easily. Involve team members with personalized dashboards and always up-to-date schedules. Tex...

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