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SpotPog   New York, NY

SpotPog is a new app that helps alleviate the parking challenge. Our innovative platform integrates public parking, private driveways, and commercial garages. We take the frustration out of parking by implementing efficiencies that reduce congestion, improve air quality, ...

I Phone, Android, Nyc, Drivers


PartyUpPlayer   New York, USA

PUP or PartyUP Player, an app coming this summer that will solve the looking for group problem once and for all by putting the power of who you game with into your hand. Being developed by SWARM, an independent app development studio in NYC that specializes in mobile, wea...

Games, Android, I Os


PickupMyJunkCar   New York, United States

PickupMyJunkCar is an online platform that helps owners to get rid of their junk or scrap cars taking up space in their driveway, garage or yard by connecting them with top paying buyers near their zip codes. Sellers can receive price offers from multiple buyers, compare ...

Cars, Marketplace, Curated Web, Social Buying

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Headout   New York, USA

At Headout, we are re-imagining, re-designing & re-engineering the way travelers experience the world. We have built a mobile app that allows travelers to discover and book amazing experiences on-demand. Our cool features make your travel more spontaneous, easy & fun -...

Travel, Tours, Concierge, Entertainment


Arcade   New York City, New York

Arcade is the most convenient way to order lunch. Everyday, we curate and text you a dish from one of our amazing NYC restaurants. If it strikes your fancy, simply reply YES and we will delivery it to you by 1pm. No tips. No delivery fees. Hot dishes always arrive hot and...

Food, Mobile, Delivery, Tech


Beaker Notebook   New York, USA

The Beaker Notebook is a new open source tool for research and data science. It's advanced UI allows you to focus on your data and your science, instead of getting frustrated by your tool. We designed it to be polyglot from the ground up. That is, a single notebook may co...

Scientists, Data Analysts, Business Intelligence, Data Mining


Sports Wonks   New York, NY

Sports Wonks is a content heavy social network that is geared towards sports fans, athletes, and organizations. Sports tickets will also be available on the site. Request an invite at

Sports Fans, Social network, Sports Tech, Sports Tickets


Diobox   New York, NY

Helping event professionals host meaningful events using the most advanced tools that provide engagement & insight. You can request an invite for early access at Thank you!! :)

Event Organizers, Event Planners, event management, Event Software


Urban Walks   New York, United States

There’s no other city in the world like New York. We wanted Urban Walks to be the kind of app that would allow visitors and curious locals to see New York the way we do – a city of larger- than-life characters, historical dramas, breathtaking architecture, and rich cultur...

Travel, Walk, Guide, New York

Hirerush square

HireRush   New York, United States

Connecting people who are looking for work and locals who need to hire trusted professionals. Learn about many local projects near you. Tell us about your offered services. Get More Business for your company

Services, Home Providers

Screenshot morgans

Morgans   New York, USA

Brief description: We offer high-end bathroom products, right to your door, for the same price as the drugstore. Our promise: no harmful chemicals, no middlemen, no ugly bottles, no hassles. Problem it solves: Don't run out of basics. Don't have to go shopping at dr...

Consumers, Marketers

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suggestaurant   New York, USA

suggestaurant is a real-time social online delivery platform. not sure what to eat? no problem! suggestaurant's unique suggestion system allows you to discover the best food in your neighborhood from those who know best – friends and locals.

Food, E Commerce, Social Networks, Delivery

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HireOwl   New York, Ny Usa

As veteran entrepreneurs ourselves, HireOwl understands the fragility of many startups and the urgent need to find high quality talent at affordable prices in order to increase productivity and drive growth. Startups also need this process to be as fast and easy as possib...

Staffing, Recruiting, Hr, Productivity


Slidebean    New York, United States

Making a professional slide presentation requires time and design skills that many users lack. Our presentation software separates content from design, allowing you to focus on what matters most. Then, it takes care of the formatting automatically. In other words, all ...

Startups, Consultants, Marketers, Academic Use

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IID   NY, New York

Choose what you want to share. Send it by text or email. Add files (resume, pitch, presentation, lookbook...) from dropbox or drive. No download required to receive and save in vCard. IID creates global tools around networking, to help companies or freelancers to impro...

Consumers, Sales, Pr, Startupers


Headliner   New York, USA

Headliner is a streaming video news app in which comedians, musicians, and other entertaining people deliver you the top headlines. The app functions like a user-generated Daily Show, allowing users to upload 20-second video clips delivering news headlines that are both i...

Consumers, Comedians, News Junkies, Social Media Users

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Frameology   New York, Us

Frameology combines technology with years of framing experience to offer the finest printed photo products on the internet. Through Frameology you choose a frame, upload a photo from your phone, computer, or social media, and we send you a beautifully framed print in the ...

Moms, Mothers, Gifts, Holidays


Jastr   New York, NY

Jastr, Inc. is a digital health, design-technology startup based in New York City. Our vision is to reimagine every human health experience through the lens of a mobile device; and make each experience accessible by the touch of your fingertips. Jastr enables the simp...

Digital Health, Wearables, Fin Tech


Backroom   New York, United States

A content messenger for friends to share and chat privately over articles, videos, tweets, or any media. Currently, these private conversations are spread out across emails, text messengers or other platforms which also provide a private message feature (e.g. Twitter DM)....

Mobile, Messaging, Content Discovery, Dark Social


Centrallo   New York City, New York

Centrallo is a productivity tool that helps people organize, centralize, prioritize and share information. Short for “Central Location,” Centrallo is a better way to manage your personal and professional life. Problem Productivity tools today don’t let people organiz...

Consumer Internet, Productivity, Evernote

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Resume Republic   New York, NY

Resume Republic is online resume builder with awesome online resume templates. Resume Republic brings a whole new experience of creating, viewing and promoting online resumes. Our premium resume templates have everything that user needs to promote himself in the best po...

Online Resumes, Job Search, Employment

Financejobs screenshot

Finance Jobs   New York, NY

Finding a job in the finance industry can be a bit of a drab. Most websites look like they were developed during the Internet Explorer vs Netscape wars. We aim to change that. Launched in 2014, Finance Jobs aims to be the best finance jobs site in the world. We're not ...

Finance, Jobs

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PerkWork   New York, NY

Perkwork is a free easy to use platform that holds all of a company's benefit information. These benefits are then highlighted in a widget that sites on their website or career pages. Visitors are then able to easily see all the great benefits a company has to offer. Thi...

Saa S, Hr, Recruiting

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Trackbat   New York, NY

Trackbat makes learning from your PowerPoint presentations stupid smart by tracking to see if they work. Simply share a PowerPoint with your audience to see who is reading it, how much they read and which slides they like the most.

Presentation, Software


Market Prophit   New York, United States

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Market Prophit analyzes financial chatter in social media and generates real-time sentiment, buzz, and other indicators for investors. We also quantitatively rank financial bloggers based on the accuracy of their stock market commentary and track record of predictions. By...

Finance, Fintech, Financial Social Media Sentiment, Big Data


du+ch   New York, United States

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du+ch is a social marketplace comprised of the best elements of Ebay, Airbnb and Meetup. Users share the cost of any group activity. Individuals and corporations can set up a listing for anything from open seats on a private jet, to a summer house, a wine tasting or priva...

E Commerce, Social

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Button Frogs   New York, NY

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Button Frog is the easiest way to buy custom buttons. We offer free online proofs, free shipping, easy online ordering and blazing fast turnaround. Prices start at just $39 for 50 2.25" buttons including free shipping.

E Commerce, Printing

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Sticker Mule   New York, NY

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Sticker Mule is the easiest way to buy custom stickers. We feature free online proofs, free shipping and blazing fast turnaround. More than 10,000 companies trust us to make their stickers including GitHub, Amazon, Instagram, Google, Twitter, Dribbble & The New York Times.

E Commerce, Printing

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Stost   New York, NY

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Stost is a peer-to-peer online marketplace, where a host with extra storage space connects with renters who need it. Stost makes it simple and convenient for you to rent storage space from local hosts without the hassle of traditional self-storage facilities. The beautifu...

Peer To Peer, Marketplace, Storage, community


Sunny   New York, United States

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Relax on the beach with Sunny, your collection of beautiful beaches recorded in stereoscopic 3D for headphones. Sunny is like the Oculus Rift for sonic beach ambiences. Featured by Apple around the world.

Mobile, Sleep, Relax, Meditate