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EuroTrip Planner   Amsterdam, Netherlands

EuroTrip Planner lets you plan a trip to Europe, it focuses on travelers from outside Europe who are not yet that familiar with the continent. With a map orientation and a top down approach you will discover Europe bit by bit. When you find a place you surely don’t want t...

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Nouncy   Amsterdam, Netherlands

With Nouncy you can let people speak for you on social media and build a network of online brand ambassadors. Nouncy lets you ask people in and around your organization to schedule tweets and Facebook posts for you. In your Nouncy campaign you set the link and hashtags...

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Conflux   Amsterdam, Netherlands

Customers want to speak their mind and get heard. Conflux brings feedback from all company’s channels in one place and helps them manage it better. We identified the need that feedback is more powerful when it sits within one container, therefore we've built a feedback ...

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Bucketbulb   Zoetermeer, Netherlands

A bucket list is a list containing life goals or activities, which the maker of the list wants to do before his death. A lot of people have ‘bucket list ideas’, but don’t actually write them down. “But if you make your bucket list in our app, you make your wishes more rea...

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Sweat With Locals   Breda, Netherlands

Are you visiting a new city and do you love running? Wouldn't a guided city run with a local be a great start of your city trip? Run in great cities like Amsterdam, Berlin, Breda, Paris, New York, Dubai, Toronto or Portland with real locals like Chad, Jay, Lucian, Evan, M...

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Pindle   Amsterdam, Netherlands

Pindle is an easy to use web app that allows you to display a social feed on your website or during an event. Pindle helps brands to: -Amplify reach - Engage with their customers - Turn browsers into buyers Pindle was born out of their founders’ frustration. Du...

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Passenger   Amsterdam, Netherlands

Passenger lets you keep track of your trips, share them with your friends, collect travel miles and unlock achievements as you go. Using Passenger, you can log any trip - flight, driving, transit, bicycling or walking. Simply check-in when you leave, and the app will ...

Travel, Trips, Tracking, Social

2   Utrecht, Netherlands is all about the local experience: discover those previously hidden gems of Holland and interact with locals who are, much like you, on the lookout for an authentic experience. Every activity on is hand-picked and reviewed by one of our loc...

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TweetFavy   Amsterdam, Netherlands

TweetFavy is an artificially intelligent web application that uses the targets you set to identify and engage in relevant conversations on Twitter. It will automatically create targeted social impressions, without ever tweeting, following, unfollowing, or sending direct m...

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ekipa   Amsterdam, Netherlands

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ekipa is the global marketplace for software teams. ekipa helps customers get their software projects done (or IT problems resolved) by matching projects/problems with best-suitable teams. Importantly, teams are co-located, vetted and have experience (technology, do...

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GoodBye Message   Oldenzaal, Netherlands

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Ever had the idea of recording a message for your friends or family in case you would die unexpectedly? With the newGoodBye Message App you can simply record, secure and store a video message for your loved ones.

B2 C, Everyone Should Have A Good Bye Message. Certain Groups Like Terminal Patients And Military


DesignBro   Amsterdam, Netherlands

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DesignBro connects hand-curated top quality designers from all over the world with clients looking for Logo Design, Packaging Design, and Brand Identity Design. That's why DesignBro is the World's Highest Quality Affordable Design Service.

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Cheap international call app

Talk360    Leusden, Netherlands

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Talk360 is the best App to call any mobile and landline phone number in the world. It’s a single purpose app that is understandable for everyone as it resembles the use of a regular mobile phone. Customers use their existing phone number as caller ID, so the receiver does...

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Seever   Den Bosch, Netherlands

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Seever is the all new innovative social media app to view every social media profile of a influencer in one simple overview. Read more about Seever at and check out our screenshot to see what the app is!

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Aerialscoop   Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Staying on top of all the data you need to analyze your business can be time-consuming. But it doesn’t have to be. Aerialscoop combines information from all of your various online accounts into an easy-to-understand report, and delivers it to your inbox on a daily basis. ...

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Reflect   Utrecht, Netherlands

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Review, rethink, reflect Using simple and effective flashcards, Reflect regularly reminds you what you’ve saved. The more you review, the more you remember. This learning technique trains your memory to absorb information on a deeper level, to be recalled and used at an...

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Hospbit   Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Hospbit is an Amsterdam-based Software as a Service provider. It specializes in building management systems. It launched a brand new web service that helps companies maintain their buildings more easily and more efficient. The maintenance module is developed with the ...

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TechAnalyze   Apeldoorn, Netherlands

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TechAnalyze is a platform for assessing technical knowledge. You create an assessment by selecting the (developer) skills you look for, invite candidates, and get a detailed report back on how well the candidate scored. The platform can be used for assessing job app...

Development, Hr, Hiring, Assessments

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Tapfiliate   Amsterdam, Netherlands

Tapfiliate lets you easily setup your own in-house affiliate program without needing expensive software, setups or servers. Everything is made as simple as possible, so you can focus on what matters most: growing your business.

Affiliate Marketing, SaaS, Performance Marketing, Advertising