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SpotPog   New York, NY

SpotPog is a new app that helps alleviate the parking challenge. Our innovative platform integrates public parking, private driveways, and commercial garages. We take the frustration out of parking by implementing efficiencies that reduce congestion, improve air quality, ...

I Phone, Android, Nyc, Drivers


Influenster   NY, United States

Influenster is the ultimate hub for product discovery. Influenster is a product discovery platform that encourages social activity about products, guides consumers on how to use products, and informs about what’s new and noteworthy. We help brands amplify their messagi...

Consumer Internet, Product Reviews, Influential Marketing, Market Research


Sports Wonks   New York, NY

Sports Wonks is a content heavy social network that is geared towards sports fans, athletes, and organizations. Sports tickets will also be available on the site. Request an invite at

Sports Fans, Social network, Sports Tech, Sports Tickets


Diobox   New York, NY

Helping event professionals host meaningful events using the most advanced tools that provide engagement & insight. You can request an invite for early access at Thank you!! :)

Event Organizers, Event Planners, event management, Event Software

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IID   NY, New York

Choose what you want to share. Send it by text or email. Add files (resume, pitch, presentation, lookbook...) from dropbox or drive. No download required to receive and save in vCard. IID creates global tools around networking, to help companies or freelancers to impro...

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Geebus   NY, United States

Geebus provides the most accurate product ratings on the web by collecting and aggregating expert reviews and customer reviews from all over the internet. Days of shopping research is now done in seconds. Just tell Geebus what your shopping for and the internets BEST r...

Consumer Internet, Reviews, Ratings, Consumer


Jastr   New York, NY

Jastr, Inc. is a digital health, design-technology startup based in New York City. Our vision is to reimagine every human health experience through the lens of a mobile device; and make each experience accessible by the touch of your fingertips. Jastr enables the simp...

Digital Health, Wearables, Fin Tech


Recast   NY, United States

Radio stations have mastered music curation to build the perfect playlists - understanding how to get the right mix of familiar and new, genre and adventurous, and exactly what their audience will want to listen to - but radio as a music experience is full of inconvenienc...

Media, Radio, music


Goodwerp   New York City, NY

Goodwerp, Inc. is a software company making online productivity tools for small service firms. Our flagship product, Goodwerp, helps users stay in sync with one-another through simple task-management, real-time notification system, email feedback, and comments on tasks...

Project Management, enterprise, Saa S

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Resume Republic   New York, NY

Resume Republic is online resume builder with awesome online resume templates. Resume Republic brings a whole new experience of creating, viewing and promoting online resumes. Our premium resume templates have everything that user needs to promote himself in the best po...

Online Resumes, Job Search, Employment

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Finance Jobs   New York, NY

Finding a job in the finance industry can be a bit of a drab. Most websites look like they were developed during the Internet Explorer vs Netscape wars. We aim to change that. Launched in 2014, Finance Jobs aims to be the best finance jobs site in the world. We're not ...

Finance, Jobs

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PerkWork   New York, NY

Perkwork is a free easy to use platform that holds all of a company's benefit information. These benefits are then highlighted in a widget that sites on their website or career pages. Visitors are then able to easily see all the great benefits a company has to offer. Thi...

Saa S, Hr, Recruiting

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Trackbat   New York, NY

Trackbat makes learning from your PowerPoint presentations stupid smart by tracking to see if they work. Simply share a PowerPoint with your audience to see who is reading it, how much they read and which slides they like the most.

Presentation, Software


locol   NY, United States

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A picture is worth a thousand words, so why are we still writing 1,000 word essays on other travel sites? Locol is the app to use to quickly discover and share cool stuff nearby. Its lightweight, location focus means you can quickly capture the vibe of whatever city your ...

Travel, Local, Network, Discovery


Ringfinger   NY, United States

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Weddings are stressful enough, so we made Ringfinger. It pulls stories from dozens of the best wedding blogs on the web, and presents them to you in one beautiful list, so you spend less time constantly hitting refresh on tons of different sites. You can click through to ...

Weddings, Fashion, Blogs


Uploadcare   NY, United States

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Handling uploads, storage, image processing is harder than one may think. We provide an infrastructure as a service to do that. 1. Sexy widget to let your users upload files not only from their devices but also from various social networks and cloud storage services: ...

Cloud Computing, Media, Saa S, Storage

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Button Frogs   New York, NY

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Button Frog is the easiest way to buy custom buttons. We offer free online proofs, free shipping, easy online ordering and blazing fast turnaround. Prices start at just $39 for 50 2.25" buttons including free shipping.

E Commerce, Printing

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Sticker Mule   New York, NY

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Sticker Mule is the easiest way to buy custom stickers. We feature free online proofs, free shipping and blazing fast turnaround. More than 10,000 companies trust us to make their stickers including GitHub, Amazon, Instagram, Google, Twitter, Dribbble & The New York Times.

E Commerce, Printing

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Stost   New York, NY

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Stost is a peer-to-peer online marketplace, where a host with extra storage space connects with renters who need it. Stost makes it simple and convenient for you to rent storage space from local hosts without the hassle of traditional self-storage facilities. The beautifu...

Peer To Peer, Marketplace, Storage, community


Rabble.TV   NY, United States

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Rabble.TV is a new kind of television experience where users are in charge of the audio. The Rabble website and app deliver social audio for everyone from sports fans tired of listening to national broadcasters mangle coverage of their favorite teams to reality show devot...

Consumer Internet, Alternate Audio, Podcast, Streaming


StatusGator   New York, NY

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StatusGator monitors the service status page of over hundreds of cloud services. Create a custom dashboard for your team to check whenever trouble arises. Configure alerts to Email, Slack, HipChat, Flowdock, and more. If any of the services you depend on go down, you and ...

Saa S, Cloud, Hosting, Monitoring


Chadder   NY, United States

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Have you ever sent a message you regretted? With everything online lasting forever, mistakes are hard to forget. We let you take back control by letting you take back a message after you sent it. Chadder is a private messaging application on IOS, Android, Windows phone, A...

Mobile, Saa S, Security, Social network


HealTone   New York, NY

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US-based international startup company which focuses on exclusively on the creation of healing sound formulas for users around the world. Download your fit-to-diagnosis sound formula, and restore your health.

Health, Therapy, Sound


CEIPAL LLC   Rochester, NY

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CEIPAL Cloud Portal is an integrated HCM (human capital management) solution delivers in a single platform from hiring, on-boarding, self-service portal, workforce collaboration, time management, expense management, leaves management and administration, and Payroll data m...

Applicant Tracking System, Cloud Human Capital Management (Hcm) Solutions, Human Resources Information System


Catapultian   Brooklyn, NY

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Catapultian in a central hub for all your charitable giving. With Catapultian you will be able to support all your favorite charities while tracking and managing your giving better. Additionally, in the coming months we will be rolling out a managed crowdfunding platform ...

Charity, Crowdfunding, Finance, Nonprofit

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Venux   Brooklyn, NY

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Venux is an innovative and cutting-edge cybernetics P2P software development company that provides software solutions for users and enterprises that desire online anonymity and the ability to manage, secure and control their personal data. Venux provides multiple software...

Digital Privacy, Anonymity, Saa S, Data Managment

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Agora   New York, NY

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Agora is a file sharing and collaboration platform that makes Dropbox, Google Drive, and Box universal so you can get work done faster. We are bringing online editing, real-time collaboration, and seamless sharing to all the services we all already use. We are not a new c...

Online Collaboration, Cloud Aggregator, File Sharing, Cloud Service

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Lydia Morrison   New York, NY

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Recruiting app connecting startups to college students as campus reps & interns. In place of generic job ads, startups combine content from their website & social media to showcase products, culture, team and mission. Instead of intimidating resumes, student profiles cont...

Android, I Phone

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Critizen   New York, NY

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Critizen is a social platform that allows users to connect and converse with people on all topics, at all times. Whether you’re sharing a negative restaurant experience, fighting for social causes or simply wondering if you should buy a Mac or a PC, Critizen lets you be h...

Mobile App, Consumers


TickPick   NY, United States

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TickPick is a marketplace to Buy, Bid On and Sell Tickets with confidence. It shows you the best deals with proprietary algorithms and helps you pick the best available seats at the best price. All this at zero buyer fees.

Fans, Sport Enthusiasts, Pop Fans, Consumers