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Kindkudos   Missoula, Montana

Kindkudos is an easy-to-use messaging app for sharing and spreading kindness and gratitude. The app allows you to safely keep your most meaningful kudos in one easily accessible place. Kindkudos also shows you how many times your kindness is paid forward as well as where ...

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Agile Data Solutions   Missoula, Montana

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An automated, intelligent collection tool that allows you to search every data source. Simultaneously. With the click of a button, Start:Collect searches through every directory, every server, every networked computer and every email. But instead of dumping every possi...

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Growthority   Missoula, Montana

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There's an unspoken reality in the world of internet marketing: everyone is doing the same thing. That's a big part of why growth hacking is so successful. By breaking the norms and finding news ways to engage audiences, growth hackers are achieving amazing results. Tr...

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Geofli   Missoula, Montana

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We exist to bring personalization online. Imagine looking at a college far away from home. On the website’s homepage is a testimonial from someone in your state and a list of alumni working nearby. GeoFli creates a website experience that makes it easy for customers to fi...

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