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Wothy   Madrid, Spain

Wothy is a new job board focused on social networks and simplicity of use for job seekers and recruiters. We extract thousands of quality jobs from top companies and search engines and also we let recruiters post on our site featured jobs for free.

Cloud Computing, Saa S

Logo 351x153   Madrid, Spain

Not published is the spanish site where you can find almost all the tickets sold in Spain and the price of the main providers for this tickets, helping you to choose the best option. You can describe it as the Kayak for live-event tickets

Tickets, Concerts, Musicals


Platform4jobs   Madrid, Spain

Not published

Platform4jobs is the result of years of research and development carried out by a multidisciplinary team of experts in the oil and gas sector, programmers and creatives. Platform4jobs is a modern, communicative, young company which provides its members with an unparall...

Oil, Gas, Jobs


m8JhVtR9tMRXTmj   Madrid, Spain

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Fik Stores is a SaaS platform based on WordPress. With Fik Stores you can create, customize and modify online stores, as well as manage orders as easily as creating and managing a blog. Creating and managing an online store may be overwhelming. We take care of that, in a...

E Commerce, Word Press, Online Store, SaaS

Nusii screenshot

Nusii   Madrid, Spain

While many of our competitors believe in "more is more", we don't. We've stripped out all non-essential elements and made it lightning fast to create proposals. Having all your "hit" content in one place, getting reminders to follow up with prospective clients, and an edi...

Web App, Cloud Computing, Sales, Proposals


Jooicer   Madrid, Spain

Jooicer lets you implement custom social media strategies through its recipes on Twitter. It is a "Do It Yourself" tool. It doesn't limited you to predefined formulas, you can build your own. When your got your results you will can automatize actions or analyze data comp...

Social Media, Growth Hacking, Twitter Tool