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Wantboards   Los Angeles, CA

Wantboards is taking the traditional idea of shopping and flipping it around. Rather than trudging through multiple stores to find the best price or waiting for coupons/sales, we cut out that process for the consumer by simply having them post on our platform with what th...

Ecommerce, Retail And Consumer Merchandise, Online marketplace

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Kumu   Los Angeles, CA

Kumu Wellness pairs you with a real Wellness Coach who’s dedicated to helping you achieve your health and fitness goals. Just like you talk with friends, you can text, photo message, and video chat with your coach on an unlimited basis, all through the Kumu app.

Mobile, Health, Wellness, Fitness


ToBox   Los Angeles, USA

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ToBox is the worlds first curated direct-to-consumer marketplace in the world, with a focus on kitchenware and small appliances. ToBox, allows consumers to buy directly from factories, cutting out middleman and brands, allowing the end consumer to buy beautiful, ethica...

Ecommerce, Retail, Mobile, Consumer Goods


Dashio   Los Angeles, California

At Dashio, we're doing much more than delivery. We're pioneering a whole new way to get what you want. From Fresh food, beer and wine to everyday items, we've got you covered. Dashio enables anyone to order anything from their SMS enabled mobile device. Currently in Lo...

On Demand Delivery, Food Delivery, Concierge, Sms


AppyPaper   Los Angeles, United States

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AppyPaper is simply a gift wrap with a curated list of app icons printed on it and made available to anyone free of charge. A fun, unique and fresh spin on the old boring holiday gift wrap that is sure to impress and grab attention. AppyPaper puts the 'app' in Happy Chris...

App Icon, Gift, Lifestyle


AllSay   Los Angeles, United States

AllSay is a personalized news service that helps people influence decisions that affect them. Surfacing decisions in the news related to communities, kids, careers and commutes, as well as passions, sports and interests, AllSay lets people choose to agree or disagree with...

Media, News App, Location Based, Marketplace


Drops   Los Angeles, California

Drops lets you roundup credit and debit card purchases and donate the spare change to the charity of your choice. 100% of the donation goes to charity and all contributions are tax deductible. If you don’t feel like donating today, that’s no problem. You always have t...

I Phone, Microfinance, App


PeeqSee   Los Angeles, California

PeeqSee is a unique social media platform designed for boosting interactions and engagement between friends, fans, and customers in a meaningful and measurable way. In an era of an overload of posts bombarding users daily, PeeqSee is a fresh new approach to help users to ...

I Os, Android, Web

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ProspectNinja   Los Angeles, California

ProspectNinja is the fastest way to scale lead generation. With ProspectNinja sales and marketing professionals can find potential business leads through social networks, LinkedIn and Twitter. Our software verifies these prospects email address and pulls in social media p...

Saa S, Sales, Marketing


Codesmith   Los Angeles, United States

Codesmith teaches students across the US modern programing with Javascript so they can take roles as Software Engineers or launch their own ventures after graduating. We're transforming Software Engineering Education through our immersive platform and academies at schools...

Education, Software Engineering, Academy, Career Accelerator


CamFind   Los Angeles, United States

CamFind is a 'Google' for real things. It's a visual search engine which allows the user to find out more information about anything and everything by just snapping a picture of that particular item. Over 25,000,000 visual searches have already been conducted with CamFind...

Visual Search, Search, Mobile

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Qweboo    Los Angeles, United States

Qweboo is a social search engine, directory, and distribution platform that provides users with control over the web. It offers Live Tagging, which streamlines and enhances freedom of expression through microblogging.

Ios, Windows, Mac, Linux


Capitan   Los Angeles, CA

"Artificial intelligence"-powered shopping list that learns your habits. If you always pick up milk and bread at Shop Rite but get coffee, cereals, and veggies at Trader Joe’s, Captain will show those lists when you walk through their doors. What if the app knew whe...

Mobile, Apple Watch, I Beacon, Grocery List

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Servant   Los Angeles, California

Don't let the services you use host your data... host it yourself. This way, you can use the same data in other services, simultaneously, and never get stuck using just one. Win back control of the data you create with Servant, a revolutionary new content management syste...

Content Management System, Api, Cloud, Content Delivery


StatusCast   Los Angeles, CA

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With StatusCast you can build hosted status pages in minutes! Keep users informed about application uptime and provide them with status updates via email, SMS/text, Twitter, etc. StatusCast integrates seamlessly with your application performance monitoring platform. Proac...

Saa S, Cloud Computing, Enterprise Software, Marketing


10 Word News   Los Angeles, California

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10 Word News is the first stress-free news source. Our hand-picked stories are always exactly 10 words. Typical news sources are flooded with too much information. It's time to remove the clutter and reveal what's important. 10 Word News stories are curated by human journ...

Mobile, News, Media, Apps


Rudder - Social Polling   Los Angeles, CA

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Rudder is a free iPhone app that enables users to receive quick feedback on upcoming decisions. With Rudder, users create polls to send to friends for immediate feedback. It’s Survey Monkey, but geared towards being social and fun. Simply create a poll from a variety o...

I Phone, I Os


Glasshous   Los Angeles, CA

Not published is a high-end, Los Angeles based online head shop for modern cannabis consumers. We focus on merchandising and selling an assortment of the most unique, quality products via a simple and beautifully designed web experience. It’s our goal to create a company ...

Ecommerce, Cannabis, Retail, Product Marketing


Threads App   Los Angeles, USA

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Threads has a community of expert fashion bloggers that provides you with personalized fashion inspiration by occasion and let you shop the looks you love. Easily explore, inspire, and shop the perfect look for your event; interviews, festivals, date nights, and more.

Mobile App, Fasion

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InviteUp   Los Angeles, CA

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InviteUp is an event-based, mobile dating app that fast forwards through small talk and quickly connects users in person at their favorite places. Not reliant on algorithms, InviteUp allows users to connect based on mutual interest in specific locations, like a trendy res...

I Phone, I Os, Mobile

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MaxSold Estimator   Los Angeles, United States Of America

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The MaxSold Estimator app is for those downsizing and settling an estate. This app gives you an estimated value of all contents in the house when the MaxSold online auction solution is utilized. MaxSold auctions are a stress-free, safe and efficient way to sell everything...

Android, I Phone, Ipad


Postwaves   Los Angeles, Us

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Postwaves allows anyone to create a public or private board for a community based around their interests or goals. Posts that are submitted are shown to a random cross section of the community to vote on, ensuring all posts have an equal chance of being seen. We've seen s...

Marketers, Founders, Designers, Developers

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Linktune   Los Angeles, CA

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Linktune combines music services to search, play and share all your music and also acts as a mobile jukebox. Serving as a universal music player, the app eliminates the need to toggle between services when searching music and listening to playlists. Linktune breaks the ba...

Music Streaming, Music Sharing, Social, Music App

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Weights N' Dates   Los Angeles, CA

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Weights N' Dates is the fun way to meet fitness singles in your area. Discover people around you who enjoy the active lifestyle. Whether it's going beastmode in the gym or finding peace and serenity in your yoga class, your swolemate is just a swipe away!

Dating, Fitness, I Phone



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The Sling is the ideal bag for everyday adventure, it’s perfectly sized to carry all your daily tech-essentials and be worn comfortably all day. Made of high-quality nylons both inside and out, it is also water resistant to keep your valuables safe. Don’t be fooled by it’...

Consumers, Lifestyle, Bags, Ecommerse

The KIND   Los Angeles, Us

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The KIND is a lifestyle digital media site for today’s modern cannabis enthusiast. It’s not about what’s in the joint, it’s for the person behind it. We’re about capturing and telling compelling stories, from culture to current events to lifestyle to investigative reporting.

Internet News, Entertainment Consumers Ages 18 34yrs

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The Art Pillow   Los Angeles, CA

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Imagine a beautiful piece of art, now think of a snuggly slap them together and stand back...The Art Pillow is born. Fabulous art, comfy pillows. Wow! Flowers, arcitecture, small dogs, cupcakes.

Home Decor, Art


Eclips   Los Angeles, Us

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Eclips provides a powerful new way for users to consume video — bookmark it, and “clip” the best parts of videos from anywhere on the web, automatically save them to your personal library, and even discuss specific moments. Then access your clips anywhere. Eclips is the f...

Consumers, Teens, Students, Early Adopters


Umbreo   Los Angeles, CA

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Umbreo is an IT-Automation service for developers & system administrators who want to accelerate their work. Umbreo helps teams build IT-Infrastructure in minutes with a few clicks. It can be used to setup servers on public clouds or private clouds or even locally on a la...

Cloud Management Platform, It Automation, It Infrastructure


TipTalk   Los Angeles, California

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TipTalk is a messaging platform that connects fans with their favorite stars and influencers in a variety of categories from fashion and beauty to sports or finance. It is the only platform that offers influencers a safe and direct channel to respond to fans on a one-on-o...

I Phone, Social Media