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Novanym   London, England

Coming up with a new business name isn't easy; especially if you want straightforward and memorable .com address for your website and email. But not all companies have the time or budget to get help from a branding agency. Novanym is the smart alternative – it's a coll...

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Giacomo Alpago   United Kingdom, London

Betfect is a first social betting website (one of its first kind) combines online betting with social aspect. At Betfect On our platform users can log in via their Facebook account, engage each others on the platform and more interestingly follow other users just like on ...

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Just Text Tom   London, UK

What if you could simply text a number to get whatever you want? Just Text Tom makes it possible. We provide a text messaging concierge service to source and deliver any product or service you request. It's free to chat via text and we're available 24/7. Try us by t...

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Boxana   London, United Kingdom

Want to organise your productivity without hassle? Have trouble keeping track of your team, yourself or your company? Boxana is a solid core of lists, tasks and 'streams', with a vast array of easy to integrate add-ons providing the power you need. Whether you are ...

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Hotelrevu   London, UK

We've scoured the internet looking for genuine hotel reviews, which we processed using our sentiment analysis engine. We then proceeded to identify and filter out any outlying reviews. The result is a rating that reflects the opinion of a true hotel guest - not of overly ...

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Get Reference   London, United Kingdom

Get Reference is a smart and simple web based app for obtaining and creating paperless employment references. Get References takes the pain out of the employment reference process by saving time for employers to obtain and create paperless references, but also allowing...

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Baako   London, Barcelona

Running out of battery sucks but so does filing your pockets with chargers, external batteries and cables and connectors that get lost or damaged. We’re putting an end to this. Our wrist worn, shower proof, shockproof external battery pack has a usb and a lightning connec...

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Screenshot   London, UK makes your couple more exciting than ever ! It tells you what mood your partner is in, adds some fun with challenges & treats game, keeps track of who owes whom a... favour, and lets you get naughty with self-destroying, encrypted photos ;-) And you won't send i...

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Websecurify Suite   London, United Kingdom

The Websecurify Suite is a market, like the Apple App Store, for cutting-edge web security tools. Use some of the best known tools on the market today to ensure that your apps are not vulnerable to common types of attacks. From XSS and SQL Injection to login misconfigurat...

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NowShop   London, UK

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NowShop powers some of the most desirable online marketplaces. We provide 100% brand-customised online marketplaces trusted by some of the world's largest publishers, including Hearst Magazines. - Let NowShop provide you with a new non-advertising revenue stream -...

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AppCoral   London, United Kingdom

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AppCoral helps you find the web's best web tools. Whatever the task, our curated library of apps will both inspire and help you achieve what you want to do with your business. Whether you are a designer, developer, marketer, shop owner - we have the tools you want and nee...

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Cat in a Flat   London, United Kingdom

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We are a cat-loving, cat-worshipping cat-sitting community that connects cat owners with trusted cat sitters in their area. Our mission is to help cats stay in the comfort of their own home while their owner is away. Cat owners can review, rate and share the best sitters ...

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Stamplay   London, United Kingdom

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Uber isn’t just Uber. It’s Google Maps, Braintree payments, Twilio texts and much more. The best way to do business isn’t to build it all in-house. Top companies are increasingly piecing together a composite of specialized APIs. That lets them concentrate on their unique ...

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Bullet News   London, UK

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Bullet News gets you up to date in seconds, wherever, whenever with news from top providers in short bullet points. We work with the world’s leading news outlets to optimise stories to the essential facts, to suit smartphones, smartwatches, tablets and desktops. Our ne...

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Pinipa   London, UK

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Pinipa is a collaboration platform for business transformation and change. We help medium and large enterprises transform better, faster, cheaper by engaging employees to shape and deliver change using crowdsourcing principles. The pace of change has increased, competi...

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INFINCASE   London, United Kingdom

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That pain of dragging a tangled wire out of your bag, or the clunkiness of having a charging case always on the back of your phone, whats the point in buying a phone for its slim design when it's not thin anymore? That time you've run out of storage, but have that perfect...

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Tungsten Information Management   London, UK

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Tungsten was formed with a vision focused on niche areas, such as, business intelligence and data analytics, which help bring our clients light in the form of knowledge and help them mobilize their businesses. Over the years we have gained experience in various verticals ...

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Crowdwish   London, United Kingdom

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Crowdwish is a space where you can post the things you most desire in the world; whatever they may be. Products, experiences, advice, causes you believe in, services. Anything. The site just asks users to complete the statement ‘I wish….’ in a hundred characters o...

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V London City   London, United Kingdom

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Why did you create VLondonCity? We felt that the other options out there just weren’t doing it for us. They were either too bloated and outdated or pushing some agenda. The amount of free lunches that go on behind the scenes of successful reviews on big sites… You woul...

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CloudCal   London, United Kingdom

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CloudCal is an elegant Android calendar app that provides both the wide and narrow perspective on your time.The main view will give you a good overview of any month. Each day is surrounded by our magic circle that tells you in what time period of the day an activity takes...

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The Winnow System   London, UK

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We believe that food is far too valuable to waste, and that technology can transform the way we use food. Every year the UK hospitality sector wastes around £2.5bn worth of food. The modern commercial kitchen is an inefficient factory which is uneconomical and can was...

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Blocks Smartwatch   London, UK

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Choose. Play. Upgrade. Blocks is a fully customizable smartwatch. You can make your own unique smartwatch by snapping in the blocks you need. Hardware and software are open source. Create your own Blocks. Your blocks, your way.

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Songtree   London, UK

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Want to make music with people from all over the world? Songtree is the app for collaborative music making: ★ Create your own song session for other people to play on or just explore and find track sessions already on Songtree ★ Meet musicians and singers just like ...

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Cheeky Promo   London, UK

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Set up in London on the 1st of January 2013, Cheeky Promo helps musicians make connections. We work with arrangers, composers, conductors, engineers, lyricists, orchestrators, performers, pianists, producers, promoters, publishers, radio stations/show hosts, record la...

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CatchApp Today   London, UK

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Have you ever been in a situation trying to give a friend your exact location in a city/town and your friend just wasn’t getting your directions. Have you struggled to meet each other even if you were only a few hundred meters apart? We have a simple solution for you. Ge...

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MSTY   London, England

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Choose a song, take a photo and add your message then send it privately to friends. An easier way to connect with friends when you're apart. Music has so much meaning in itself, making saying what you mean easier. On the receiving side, the experience of hearing the mus...

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DXpertise   London, UK

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DXpertise is an IT training courses aggregation platform that allow the developers to find the best ones available on the market. The platform is made by developers for developers with the aim to increase the knowledge level of each one of us in order to make the whole i...

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PDF Pro   London, United Kingdom

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PDF Pro is an online service enabling users to create, edit and review PDF files. The entire service is hosted in the cloud, eliminating the need to download software. The service was founded by a team of software engineers who found that traditional PDF software was e...

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Rentual   London, UK

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Our technology streamlines the process of aggregating commercial property listings from thousands of different sources into one, easy to use platform readily accessible to professionals, entrepreneurs, business owners, start-ups, investors or anyone else looking for curre...

Investors, Entrepreneurs, Retailers, Banks


Publicate   London, UK

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Publicate is a SaaS application that helps content marketers leverage curated content to drive new leads and real marketing results. Create curated content assets like email newsletters, roundup blog posts, resource hubs, and branded social shares in minutes - then add a ...

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