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Insan   Istanbul, Turkey

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INSAN is a non-profit organisation based on 1-on-1 sponsorship for children in need. INSAN's tech allows potential sponsors to find the child they are willing to support. DO YOU HAVE A GOOD REASON TO NOT SPONSOR A CHILD RIGHT AWAY TODAY? Founded by a well educated t...

Non Profit, Charity


Whese   Istanbul, Turkey

Whese is a mobile app where people let friend and family know about their day-to-day moments by simply answering the question "What are you up to?" with a photo or a video of that moment. A mobile application platform dedicated to the answer of “What are you up to now?...

Social network, Snap, Photo Sharing, Video Editing


Carla   Istanbul, Turkey

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Carla is a car rental app comparing and offering cars in 150 countries worldwide. It offers the best deals based on the users' travel style and pick-up location. It has a similar mechanic as Tinder, users swipe to choose the best rental car that fits its needs. Also, user...

Car Rental, Automotive

Domain%20names%20dofo   Istanbul, Turkey

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- Search more than 330 million registered domain names in seconds - Use 15+ magical filters to find what you look for - Explore curiously every registered domain name on it’s special page. - Find 40 million domain names on sale with power of 15+ marketplace partners -...

Domain Name, Search Platform, Big Data


bideg   Istanbul, Turkey

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This online e-auction platform is lot based so users can run different auctions at the same time. Moreover users can create e-auction in four steps and prior to bid event, users can upload documents which helps suppliers to understand the bid scope.

Supply Chain, Purchasing, Industrial

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Adsuit   Istanbul, Turkey

Leading advertisers are using Adsuit to reach their potential and existing customers across web and mobile publishers. Our easy to use interface is built with deep targeting & reporting features. Campaign Types; - Web & Mobile Retargeting - Facebook Retargeting - Br...

Saa S, Advertising