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Insan   Istanbul, Turkey

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INSAN is a non-profit organisation based on 1-on-1 sponsorship for children in need. INSAN's tech allows potential sponsors to find the child they are willing to support. DO YOU HAVE A GOOD REASON TO NOT SPONSOR A CHILD RIGHT AWAY TODAY? Founded by a well educated t...

Non Profit, Charity


Whese   Istanbul, Turkey

Whese is a mobile app where people let friend and family know about their day-to-day moments by simply answering the question "What are you up to?" with a photo or a video of that moment. A mobile application platform dedicated to the answer of “What are you up to now?...

Social network, Snap, Photo Sharing, Video Editing


Carla   Istanbul, Turkey

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Carla is a car rental app comparing and offering cars in 150 countries worldwide. It offers the best deals based on the users' travel style and pick-up location. It has a similar mechanic as Tinder, users swipe to choose the best rental car that fits its needs. Also, user...

Car Rental, Automotive

Domain%20names%20dofo   Istanbul, Turkey

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- Search more than 330 million registered domain names in seconds - Use 15+ magical filters to find what you look for - Explore curiously every registered domain name on it’s special page. - Find 40 million domain names on sale with power of 15+ marketplace partners -...

Domain Name, Search Platform, Big Data


Makinaparkuru   Istanbul, Turkey

Not published, was founded as an online rental marketplace startup for heavy machinery and equipment market in Turkey. We are bringing construction companies and machinery owners togethter since 2016. Today, we have more than 3.000 machinery owners in our network, and...

Heavy Equipment, Rental, Construction, B2 B


bideg   Istanbul, Turkey

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This online e-auction platform is lot based so users can run different auctions at the same time. Moreover users can create e-auction in four steps and prior to bid event, users can upload documents which helps suppliers to understand the bid scope.

Supply Chain, Purchasing, Industrial

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Adsuit   Istanbul, Turkey

Leading advertisers are using Adsuit to reach their potential and existing customers across web and mobile publishers. Our easy to use interface is built with deep targeting & reporting features. Campaign Types; - Web & Mobile Retargeting - Facebook Retargeting - Br...

Saa S, Advertising