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Do a Little Goodness   Chicago, Illinois

The basic premise of the site is that users can put in a request for a love letter, an inspirational note, a song dedication, an e-card, or a poem and I write and send these requests on their behalf to whoever they want. For free.

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Taskfully   Chicago, Illinois

Taskfully is a productivity tool that leverages proven techniques and research to help you get closer to your goals each day. Too many busy individuals and small teams have been stuck using task management tools that are better suited for grocery lists and don't realistic...

Saa S, Productivity, Task Management, Todo List


Reputada   Illinois, United States

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Keeping your good business reputation visible and growing it continuously is key to business growth. Reputada makes your business reputation visible for the world to see. To see how it works, please do a google search for "Bssi2 reputation" and you will see that the first...

Marketing, B2 B, Business, Reputation


GimmeAnother Mobile App   Illinois, United States

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We created an app (iOS and Android -- available now) that takes all the friction out of the product re-order experience at over 10,000 stores. Instead of a clunky mobile checkout process that takes minutes, you can place a re-order in 10 seconds with GimmeAnother. Full...

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SnapMobile   Chicago, Illinois

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From startup tech companies who need a minimum viable product affordably and quickly, to enterprises who need to rapidly prototype innovative products, we provide the broader marketplace with affordable, timely and beautifully-designed mobile apps that change the possibil...

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Mozaico   Naperville, Illinois

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We are caterers of mosaic art. Each of our mosaics is made from hand cut marble and glass tesserae. Our mosaic artworks are handcrafted with extreme care and precision using traditional and ancient Roman techniques applying a modern twist from our artists. Our artists wil...

Interior Design & Construction, Art, Design

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Plantoost   Chicago, Illinois

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Plantoost is a digital education platform made for learners and teachers. Learn from many available online courses, workshops and tutorials, or share your expertise and monetize. Founded in 2015, Plantoost is a relatively new but growing company based in Chicago, Illin...

Saa S, Education, Teaching, Learning

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Sam Rosen   Chicago, Illinois

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Deskpass offers day pass and on-demand hourly meeting room access to over 250 coworking workspaces across the U.S. Each office space provides a professional environment, internet, and coffee. Our low-cost monthly subscription lets remote workers reserve space when they ne...

Coworking, Freelacer, Digital Nomad, Remote Work


NIKKTTO   Chicago, Illinois

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Besides drag and drop, we allow responsive preview if your website is viewed on mobile or tablet, easy content management for bloggers, and allow anyone to make money online with our paywall feature. This application is the golden ticket for bloggers, internet marketers, ...

SaaS, Blog, Website Builder, Ecommerce


Neighbormate   Chicago, Illinois

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Neighbormate allows users to buy and sell goods through channels they already know and use. The site sorts items listed by whether or not the lister has a connection to the buyer such as a co-worker, classmate, or friend-of-a-friend. This gives the buyer the ability to ve...

Ecommerce, Social Commerce

2   Illinois, United States

Not published's main goal is to sell high quality prints and provide an incredible user experience along the way. Our initial products consist of canvas prints, posters, and framed posters; with many more products to come! The long term goal for is to create ...

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