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B2bsphere   Houston, USA

B2BSphere was born out of the frustration of doing business with multiple companies around the world. The difficulty keeping track of e-mails, Skype messages, documents and other files made the job frustrating and time-consuming. We created one system to keep track of all...

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Focus Out   Houston, USA

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Description Are you ever distracted by facebook, twitter, youtube, or Whatsapp? This app can help. Simple select apps that you want to lock yourself out of, how long you want to block them for and you are done! This is a FREE APP plus it has NO ADS. This is the only app...

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Frenvid   Houston, Us

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Frenvid is a social video on-demand streaming platform that will let you watch movies and TV shows with friends in real-time. Frenvid offers two business model - subscription and pay per view. The service does not require any link sharing, 3rd party installation, download...

Frenvid Targets A Mass Market Aiming At Acquiring As Many Users Irrespective Of Age, Location And Preferences.


10 Top Movers   Houston, USA

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10 Top Movers does the research of moving service quality for every company on monthly basis. After the research, we make the top list of the movers for the quality of relocation process. That is how you may know that, whenever you check the 10 Top Movers list of movers, ...

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How to Start your own professional social networking business.   Houston, United States

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Startup trends for Social Networking Software The evolving Internet web and mobile technologies have produced abuzz over the Web services and social media industry have significantly expanded over the past five years. Every new stand-alone and built-in social progra...

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Why is it that you want Netflix Clone?   Houston, United States

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Motion is vital for grasping certain morals and theories. The expressive effect was delivered by movies would help in forming human and societal consequences. Movies/TV shows portray the events and pose the status in spectacular, refreshment manner which communicates the ...

Social Networking Script, Netflix Clone

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Invoice Quickly   Houston, USA

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Invoice Quickly is an online invoicing platform which helps small businesses and self-employed people to invoice their customer with ease and get paid faster. Users can easily create, print and send invoices to their customers and receive online payments on their invoices...

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Voucher   Houston, Texas

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Voucher, is the world's first smart thermal receipt printer. The receipt printer industry has seen little to no innovation since its inception decades ago. The Voucher printer is an environmentally conscious renovation of the modern receipt printer in retail stores. In th...

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