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GrowthBites   Athens, Greece

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GrowthBites is a new service from Growthrocks, for startups and entrepreneurs. You can book a Growth Consultant and get advice and actionable strategies on Pre-launch Campaigns, User Aquisition, SEO, Conversion Rate Optimization, Viral Marketing etc. with a standard fee ...

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Human Innovation Technologies S.A.   Rodos, Greece

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Human Innovation Technologies S.A. is an R&D company of dynamic individuals who share the same vision and values.The company’s objective is to strive for efficiency in every aspect of HR operations through the development of innovative solutions based on scientific resear...

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GeekBot   Thessaloniki, Greece

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Geekbot is a slack bot that helps teams to set up asynchronous stand up meetings inside slack. Firstly the bot will check when a member is online. It will then start the stand up meeting and ask a set of questions of your choice. The data that geekbot collects can be ...

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Elorus    Athens, Greece

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Elorus Time Tracking is a brand new extension to our platform, a one-stop solution for organizing your small business and finances. Time Tracking feature is available only on BETA through the shared url, and will be launched publicly in May 2018. Track time spent on p...

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SpeakerZen   Athens, Greece

SpeakerZen aims to create the biggest speaker community. We enable speakers to evaluate and brand themselves and also increase their social media exposure. Through their SpeakerZen profile, speakers will be able to show their achievements and make themselves available to ...

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