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Jayhap   Odense, Denmark

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You can't find that video, you were looking for on Youtube, right? I know that problem. So I created Jayhap. Jayhap is a video search engine, that searches three of the biggest videosites at the same time: Youtube, Vimeo and Dailymotion, and gives better results with bett...

Search Engine, Video, Web

Agile screenshot

Agile Domain Search   Copenhagen, Denmark

Search great domain names for your website — in seconds. Agile Domain Search generates better domain names for websites and startups. The way it works is by combining a search term with a list of popular prefixes and suffixes. The website will test each combination's avai...

Domains, Search Engine, Startup Names


WP Pusher   Copenhagen, Denmark

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WP Pusher aims to take the pain out of WordPress development. It lets you deploy themes and plugins directly from GitHub, Bitbucket or GitLab, so you never again will have to copy files over FTP. WP Pusher works with the built-in WordPress updater, which is why it works o...

Software, Wordpress, Git, Web development


Beagle   Copenhagen, Denmark

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The proposal process at a lot of companies is broken. Time and valuable resources are wasted searching for previous proposals or specific content while the collaboration process is clunky at best. Beagle is a better way. Beagle is a browser-based tool that serves as a ...

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eConscribi International   Copenhagen, Denmark

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eConscribi develops pioneering eRecruitment solutions that offer out-of-the-box, ready-to-use, end-to-end SaaS capabilities to clients desiring efficient, flexible and upgradable solutions. Customers can be up and running within the hour creating their first recruitmen...

Saa S, Recruiting, Talent Management, B2 B


Novorésumé   Copenhagen, Denmark

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In the 21st centrury, the modern résumé is more than letters and words on a page. Now you have to make your sentences come alive and grab recruiter's attention. Because résumés are not limited to their old format, everyone needs to be more creative than ever before. Novor...

World Wide Web, Human Resources


AccuRanker   Aarhus N, Denmark

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AccuRanker provides daily and on-demand rank tracking for your keywords on Google and Bing Organic search. Provides daily updates to help you stay on top your and your competitors visibility and rankings.

Marketers, Seos, Digital Marketers


Wedding on the Rocks   Copenhagen, Denmark

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Wedding on the Rocks make it possible to plan your own wedding and pay for it directly on our website. We are located on the fairytale island of Bornholm in Denmark and we can arrange your wedding ceremony in 10 days. It doesn't matter if you are same-sex or a transnation...

Weddings, Events, Marriage


Shield FC   Copenhagen, Denmark

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The financial regulation era is here, and it only takes one breach. With that in mind, Shield FC developed a solution that addresses the challenge of increasing number of eComms platforms and data sources used during the trade lifecycle. Shield delivers powerful analysis...

Financial Intitutions, Investment Banks


Scrumwise   Copenhagen, Denmark

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Incredibly easy to use, feature rich, and lightning fast, Scrumwise is one of the leading tools for agile project management using Scrum and Kanban. Scrumwise is creating the most intuitive and friendly Scrum tool on the market. We want Scrumwise to be simple, but still c...

Enterprise Software, SaaS, Software, Scrum Tool


myphoner   Copenhagen, Denmark

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myphoner is tailored to freelancers and small teams doing B2B cold calling. Many small sales teams use either excel spreadsheets or some big CRM system like salesforce to manage their leads when cold calling. These both have their pros and cons. Spreadsheets are cheap,...

Marketing, Cold Calling, Outbound Sales Software, Lead Management

Big beatsend betalist

BeatSend   Copenhagen, Denmark

BeatSend makes it possible for musicians and bands to send their music to over 350 music blogs and sites at once, thereby greatly increasing their chance of receiving media coverage, promotion and getting the attention of influential tastemakers.

music, Musicians, Pr, Email