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Guidepost   Cincinnati, Ohio

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Guidepost isn’t a social network. It’s a knowledge sharing network. It's the more personal, meaningful and secure way to connect with your network. I launched the app to give users a trusted way to connect with those they trust while keeping their information private a...

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V Locators   Cincinnati, Ohio

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V Locators Solution • Search and/or identify all types of people at one website. Competitors are individualized, fragmented and poorly maintained. Most are background checking systems using outdated governmental databases. • V Locators has effective search tools. It u...

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Gesturely   Cincinnati, Ohio

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Gesturely is a custom keyboard app that lets you assign a gesture to any phrase. No more typing long usernames or clunky addresses – just swipe a shape via the gesture-based keyboard and bingo: Your phrase is pasted in. It works for anything from an emoticon to a parag...

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