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insite   Palo Alto, California

inSites solve one of the biggest problems facing website owners: How do I make my site more interesting, dynamic and personal in order to drive conversion, without it costing me huge amounts of money and time? inSites are smart, personalized recipes that automatically CH...

Wordpress Plugin, Personalization


Freemine Hosting   California, United States

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Hello Gamers, welcome on ! Stop getting crazy with the Plugins or Mods on your Minecraft servers. We designed Freemine to simplify the way to host and administrate your server. Because we are players over all, we know that the administration of a M...

Games, Minecraft Hosting, Minecraft Server Provider, Minecraft


Blossom   San Francisco, California

Blossom is a super lightweight project management tool for software developers. Managing software projects is really complicated so we've built Blossom in a way takes the noise out of managing software development. Blossom does all it can to get out of your way. You ca...

Software, Agile, Project Management, Developer Tools


Affimity   California, USA

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Affimity is the coming together of Passion (Affinity) and Friendship (Amity). It is a social home for your passions offered through interest-specific channels. Join only the channels that are aligned with your interests, Each channel has dedicated content - curated as wel...

Social Media, Online Networking, Software, Apps


Bunchcut   San Francisco, California

Bunchcut saves teams and individuals time when working on images. You and your team can use it to store all your digital assets in one central place. You can simply comment, send, tag images and create folders.

Marketers, Photographers, Decorators, Designers


Dashio   Los Angeles, California

At Dashio, we're doing much more than delivery. We're pioneering a whole new way to get what you want. From Fresh food, beer and wine to everyday items, we've got you covered. Dashio enables anyone to order anything from their SMS enabled mobile device. Currently in Lo...

On Demand Delivery, Food Delivery, Concierge, Sms


Drops   Los Angeles, California

Drops lets you roundup credit and debit card purchases and donate the spare change to the charity of your choice. 100% of the donation goes to charity and all contributions are tax deductible. If you don’t feel like donating today, that’s no problem. You always have t...

I Phone, Microfinance, App


Sesame    California, Us

Sesame is a messaging app that gives you a self-aware digital assistant to protect messages on your behalf: your own Personal Cognitive Messenger™. Your Cognitive Messenger delivers, monitors, and independently audits your messages according to your own terms and perm...

Privacy Enthusiasts, Encryption Engineers, Developers, Digital Marketers


PeeqSee   Los Angeles, California

PeeqSee is a unique social media platform designed for boosting interactions and engagement between friends, fans, and customers in a meaningful and measurable way. In an era of an overload of posts bombarding users daily, PeeqSee is a fresh new approach to help users to ...

I Os, Android, Web

Lead generation prospect ninja%20copy

ProspectNinja   Los Angeles, California

ProspectNinja is the fastest way to scale lead generation. With ProspectNinja sales and marketing professionals can find potential business leads through social networks, LinkedIn and Twitter. Our software verifies these prospects email address and pulls in social media p...

Saa S, Sales, Marketing


Phoodie   San Francisco, California

Phoodie is a simple photo feed where you follow other phoodies (think Instagram). There are food friendly features to add and search for recipes (think Pinterest). You swipe to save anything you want to try (think Tinder). There's also the ability to find restaurants (thi...

Food, Foodie, I Phone


RSVP Law   Encinitas, California

We offer free help to find a lawyer. Whatever type of lawyer a person, start-up or company may need, you receive help by real people to find what you want. We believe there is a need to make finding a lawyer more familiar and human. It is a challenge and sometimes d...

Consumer Internet, Legal, Service, Lawyer


Product Ninja   San Jose, California

Tell A Better Story and Captialize Your Traffic With ProductNinja you can easily annotate images with rich media, text, links, discussions and more. ProductNinja primarily helps businesses to offer a more social experience for their traffic through exploring, scorin...

Software, Image Annotation, Smart Hardware, Wearables


Pitch 1min   California, USA

For founders: Share your 1-minute video pitch with incubators and potential investors. Record your 1-minute pitch video (follow our basic requirements) and submit it to us by filling out this form. Share your pitch video with incubators and potential investors. I...

Networking, Pitch, Founders, Startup

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Everbarrel   San Francisco, California

While airlines and truck fleets already have the ability to hedge their fuel costs, Everbarrel enables retail consumers to prepay for gasoline at today's prices for future use. After gasoline prices have risen and you fill up, you can come back to our website and redeem ...

Energy, Retail Gasoline, Fuel


MobiFind   Fremont, California

MobiFind is the quickest way to find the information you need at any location. Whether it is a coupon in your email that you are looking for at the store or your grocery list while shopping or your e-ticket at the airport, MobiFind will automatically pull up what you n...

Mobile, Search, On The Go, Location Based


Ping   California, United States

Ping is a new social app that lets you send reminders to your friends, co-workers and loved ones. Ping them to send a reminder with a specified location-based alarm, time alarm and even including a photo and a personalized motivator for them. Ping is designed to make it e...

Mobile, Social, Text, Free


Wiith   California, United States

Finding friends and finding things to do with friends can be difficult. Wiith is an new app that seeks to solve this challenge and bring people together, starting with San Francisco. It was discussed on product hunt today. Wiit...

Social network, Activities, Social, New


Boon   California, United States

Boon founder Dakota Younger thinks it’s time for nice guys to finish first. Boosted by a recent $100,000 lead investment from Verifi CEO Matthew Katz, his vision could soon be a reality Boon’s platform makes it dead simple to find and refer contacts to the perfect job ...

Social network, Referral, Social, Recruiting

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EchoRank   San Francisco, California

EchoRank provides a viral score known as the EchoScore to each piece of content shared across social media. The EchoScore takes into account several factors to measure true virality, including signals such as k-factor, velocity, and magnitude. EchoRank allows marketers...

Saa S, Social Media, Analytics, Marketing


Tackk   San Francisco, California

Tackk is a publishing platform that empowers users to publish one off pages instead of building entire websites. The target focus is for the teenage demographic, who have plenty of social sharing tools at their disposal but no go-to publishing utility for their needs (in ...

Publishing, Creation, Content Creation, Report Creation


Bipsync   Palo Alto, California

Bipsync provides a research automation platform to maximize the productivity of professional investors. The platform combines the effortless note-taking of Evernote and the collaborative repository management of GitHub with integrated data services into a gorgeous, super-...

Enterprise Software, Finance, Investment Management, Saa S


LinkTexting   San Francisco, California

We're an SMS form generator. It helps our users get more downloads from their desktop landing page of their mobile app. Once a user generates html, they simply copy and paste the code on to their landing page. This will allow their users to download the app directly f...

Mobile, Mobile Apps, Sms, App Store


Convertio   San Francisco, California

Easy tool to convert files online. A lot of different document, image, spreadsheet, ebook, archive, presentation, audio and video formats supported.

File Converter, Saa S

Almagreta   California, USA

Almagreta is a company specializing in powerful yet beautiful and easy-to-use templates for everyday use. Almagreta delivers nicely crafted designs in Word and Powerpoint to create perfect resumes, newsletters, presentations, reports.

Design, technology


CultureSphere   Palo Alto, California

CultureSphere is positioned to be the world's first PUBLIC enterprise social network powered by the private creation and then public curation of the most engaging content and stories told by the people most important to any brand or company – their employees!

Social network, Social, Mobile, enterprise

Manage from anywhere v4

Worksfire   Murrieta, California

Worksfire is a California-based tech startup combines project management, social collaboration, digital documents, and business listings in one easy to use system. Connecting tasks, projects, documents and people, Worksfire allows you to work better together to accomplish...

Project Management, Task Management, Document Management, Collaboration


Proximity   San Francisco, California

Proximity helps you chat & locate your friends off the grid - no WIFI or cell reception needed. Just turn on bluetooth and go. We believe that your surroundings shouldn't limit your ability to connect! Think about all the times you were abroad, on the ski slopes, down...

Mobile, Bluetooth, Communication, Messaging


Starry   San Francisco, California

Problem: Normally when someone wants to know funding/traffic information of a startup, s/he will have to go to three different websites: CrunchBase, AngelList and Alexa, which becomes very annoying if you do so frequently. Solution: A chrome/safari extension that int...

Search, Data Visualization, Chrome Extension, Safari Extension


Mailburn   San Francisco, California

Mailburn is an iPhone email client that shows your conversations with real people as chats, without "Show quoted text" and other distracting stuff. Conversation that takes 3 screens in Gmail app fits in one screen in Mailburn. Mailburn also has email tracking built-in so ...

Enterprise Software, Mobile, Email, Saa S