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Field Work Mobility   Newark, CA

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FieldWorkMobility empowers an organization's field work force by offering a smart phone driven mobile CRM as well as a dashboard on the cloud for the stakeholders/managers to effectively allocate the tasks/prospects. The solution also measures field workforce productivity...

Cloud Computing, Sales, Crm, Mobility


SkillExam   Newark, CA

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SkillExam is an online assessment tool used in the hiring process of candidates, conducting a performance appraisal or simply conducting an online exam in a school, college, institutes etc.. Its a customized solution containing a set of set of questions on a particular to...

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Phontabulous   San Jose, CA

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Phontabulous is Simple, Private & Fun photo sharing app for Apple & Android devices that enables you to Share Memories Privately – Select photos & friends to begin the private sharing party, and keep the annoying people out! Keep Your Photos Safe – Your shared photo...

Social network, Photo, Sharing, Private


Crux Group Messaging   Venice, CA

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Headquartered in Santa Monica, Crux was built with groups in mind in order to communicate in a more organized, easy, and efficient manner. After talking to thousands of college students and groups of all kinds, we realized groups were having a hard time communicating effe...

Social network, Group Messaging, Team Communications, Group Chat


StatusCast   Los Angeles, CA

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With StatusCast you can build hosted status pages in minutes! Keep users informed about application uptime and provide them with status updates via email, SMS/text, Twitter, etc. StatusCast integrates seamlessly with your application performance monitoring platform. Proac...

Saa S, Cloud Computing, Enterprise Software, Marketing

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Station   San Diego, CA

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STATION is a powerful broadcasting platform based on local discovery. STATION shows you "What's Going on Around You". Users can share LIVE or recorded audio and video, pictures, and text, all linked to a specific location.

Android, iPhone, Web App, Social Media


Rudder - Social Polling   Los Angeles, CA

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Rudder is a free iPhone app that enables users to receive quick feedback on upcoming decisions. With Rudder, users create polls to send to friends for immediate feedback. It’s Survey Monkey, but geared towards being social and fun. Simply create a poll from a variety o...

I Phone, I Os


invi   Palo Alto, CA

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invi was created to make communication rich and easy. Engage with friends at lightning speed using mini apps on a customizable and beautiful user interface. The ultimate sharing experience, invi is the best IM and SMS upgrade available.

Android, I Phone


Sqeeqee   Irvine, CA

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Sqeeqee is an innovative social commerce platform that gives individuals, business entities, start-ups, celebrities, politicians, and non-profit organizations the ability to monetize and generate ad revenues from their profiles, socially interact, and increase their overa...

Mobile, iPhone, Android


Glasshous   Los Angeles, CA

Not published is a high-end, Los Angeles based online head shop for modern cannabis consumers. We focus on merchandising and selling an assortment of the most unique, quality products via a simple and beautifully designed web experience. It’s our goal to create a company ...

Ecommerce, Cannabis, Retail, Product Marketing

Ics%20homepage%20screenshot   Long Beach, CA

Not published is an interactive website designed to take the confusion out of informal child support agreements between two people. The site enables the users to make a customized informal agreement that mandates the agreement length, payment amount and f...

Web Application, Family, Parenting Plan, Divorce Solutions


STICKET.IN   Santa Clara, CA

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STICKET.IN lets users post their tickets for sale, purchase and exchange on events such as concerts, festivals, theatre, sports, etc. With 1 year of existence, STICKET.IN has so far more than 85,000 active members in various social platforms and more than 30,000 registere...

Tickets, Social, Events, Concerts


Branch Metrics   Palo Alto, CA

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Branch helps mobile apps growth with deep links that power referral systems, sharing links, and invites with full attribution and analytics. Branch provides a universal deep link that works across any channel or deep linking platform and allows app developers to share th...

Development, Marketers


CONtv   Century City, CA

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Live stream panels from Comic Con's around the country, watch celebrity Q & A's, learn from the experts, and stream thousands of hours of your favorite genre movies and TV shows, plus original series created just for CONtv.

Geeks, Nerds, Comic Con, Streaming Movies


Chain   San Jose, CA

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Chain lets you link together videos to create — you guessed it! — video chains. You can create personal chains, just between your friends, or public chains that you can share with the world. Create a shared list of short videos about any topic

Consumers, Influencers

Plango planner

Plango   CA, USA

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Brief description: Plango helps you find an itinerary shared by other travelers, tweak it to fit you, and book it. Problem it solves: Planning a trip is stressful, spending months of your free time flipping through guides, digging through online reviews, and asking f...

Millennial Consumers, Travelers, Travel Agents, Early Adopters


amoCRM   San Francisco, CA

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amoCRM is an automated platform for sales management. It gives a full view of pipeline and full analytics on what’s going on inside your sales department. Increase your sales confidence by collecting, tracking and following-up on your leads to never miss an opportunity ag...

Small And Medium Business, Sales Marketers


Eventnode   CA, Us

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Eventnode lets you manage & share your events "as they happen" with only those you invite in a clutter free design inspired by story telling. From invitations, to RSVPs, to sharing of photos & videos and more. All in the palm of your hand. Create unlimited events and shar...

Events, event management, Invitation Management

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InviteUp   Los Angeles, CA

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InviteUp is an event-based, mobile dating app that fast forwards through small talk and quickly connects users in person at their favorite places. Not reliant on algorithms, InviteUp allows users to connect based on mutual interest in specific locations, like a trendy res...

I Phone, I Os, Mobile

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Trullo   San Francisco, CA

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Brief description: Tell your friends about the things you love and discover your next great book, movie or gadget. Trullo is a network of friends and experts sharing experiences with each other, making your decisions easier. Problem it solves: Isolated decision makin...

Consumers, Fans, Readers, Watchers

Recent News   Portola Valley, CA

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Recent News is a new smart news app that learns your interests, suggests relevant articles, and becomes more intelligent the more you use it. It's the only app that indexes the day's news and proposes personalized topics you might like to follow. News organizations indexe...

Android, I Phone, machine learning, Artificial Intelligence


Virusdie   CA, United States

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Virusdie is the anti-malware network for websites. It cleans up your website from malware automatically, protect it from online threats and XSS/SQL injections. Mitigate DoS attacks and suspicious activities on your website. Clean up your website in seconds. Just add your ...

Startup, Websites, Anti Malware, SaaS

Hotlist homepage

Hotlist for Basecamp   Sacramento, CA

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Managing your tasks can be messy. With Hotlist you’ll know who's assigned to what, when it's due and what's coming up next without any guesswork in between. View all your prioritized tasks in one spot and stay organized.

Basecamp Users, Project Managers


Thalamus   San Francisco, CA

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Thalamus is the largest crowdsourced database of ad vendor data in the world. With over 50,000 ad partners and counting, Thalamus houses the most comprehensive dataset of ad partner capabilities, contacts, marketing collateral, ad specs, network data, and marketer review...

Digital Advertising, Mobile Advertising, Media Planning, Digital Marketing


Twit Ninja   CA, USA

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One sentence pitch of startup Grow your Twitter followers with real and engaged people Brief description of what it does Twit Ninja is your Twitter growth suite. Curate your audience, grow your followers and discover trending content to tweet out.

Marketers, Startups, Small Businesses

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Linktune   Los Angeles, CA

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Linktune combines music services to search, play and share all your music and also acts as a mobile jukebox. Serving as a universal music player, the app eliminates the need to toggle between services when searching music and listening to playlists. Linktune breaks the ba...

Music Streaming, Music Sharing, Social, Music App

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Weights N' Dates   Los Angeles, CA

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Weights N' Dates is the fun way to meet fitness singles in your area. Discover people around you who enjoy the active lifestyle. Whether it's going beastmode in the gym or finding peace and serenity in your yoga class, your swolemate is just a swipe away!

Dating, Fitness, I Phone



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The Sling is the ideal bag for everyday adventure, it’s perfectly sized to carry all your daily tech-essentials and be worn comfortably all day. Made of high-quality nylons both inside and out, it is also water resistant to keep your valuables safe. Don’t be fooled by it’...

Consumers, Lifestyle, Bags, Ecommerse

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Shuttle Tools Map Manager   CA, USA

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Shuttle Tools Maps are easily customizable, with all the features you’d expect in a custom map builder. We separate your map data from the code, allowing you to create and edit your maps directly through a slick, streamlined interface. No cumbersome code or complicated AP...

Developers, Bloggers, Organizations, Web Designers

Telepat features   CA, USA

Not published is an open-source backend stack, designed to deliver information and information updates in real-time to clients, while allowing for flexible deployment and simple scaling. is an API first platform that helps companies building real-time IoT, mobile...

Web Developers, Mobile App Developers, Big Data, Hardware