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Million Dollar Collar   Marina Del Rey, CA USA

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Nothing else on the market works to give the polished appearance people desired. So, after viewing my ruined wedding photos, I set out to invent a placket stay, similar to a collar stay, for the front of a casually worn dress shirt. Million Dollar Collar is permanentl...

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SpaceHitch   San Francisco, CA USA

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SpaceHitch is a web platform that helps travelers rent out their extra luggage space to people who wish to buy items not available where they live, or are sold cheaper elsewhere. SpaceHitch provides travelers with an opportunity to utilized their unused space through c...

Internet, Sharing Economy, Crowdshipping, Travel

Acompli product hero

Acompli   San Francisco, CA USA

Acompli allows professionals to take more action with email on their mobile devices. Leveraging the full capabilities of smartphones, Acompli uniquely combines advanced email, full calendaring, file sharing, predictive search and smart contacts into one powerful app. The ...

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