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Socialeyes   San Francisco, CA

Socialeyes, the new IOS/Android app, attempts to revolutionize your social life. Given the hustle bustle of everyday life, this app lets you retain the simple pleasures of life, like a fun and spontaneous get together. With Socialeyes all you need to do is select whic...

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Wantboards   Los Angeles, CA

Wantboards is taking the traditional idea of shopping and flipping it around. Rather than trudging through multiple stores to find the best price or waiting for coupons/sales, we cut out that process for the consumer by simply having them post on our platform with what th...

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EquityOwl - No Cash. No Salaries. Just Equity.   San Francisco, CA

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We are passionate about startups and entrepreneurship. Unfortunately, we’ve seen countless great ideas fail because they lack the funding and/or talent to get them off the ground. We’re here to change that with EquityOwl. Our platform makes it easy for entrepreneurs and b...

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Maxly   San Diego, CA

Maxly is the ultimate set of conversion analytics tools. From automated waterfall and web page speed testing, conversion and custom funnel tracking, and automated alerting for any statistic that is important for your website.

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Bar Roulette   San Francisco, CA

Discover a new bar with Bar Roulette. For those looking to break from routine, find an adventure, explore a new city, or simply want help deciding where to drink. Bar Roulette is a new web app that combines Yelp and Uber to take you to a highly rated bar. Input your l...

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Urbanbird   San Francisco, CA

UrbanBird creates maps based on your photos. The service automatically adds dates, locations, titles and descriptions to photos and populates them on a map. It also provides suggestions of places to visit based on where you took pictures.

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Kumu   Los Angeles, CA

Kumu Wellness pairs you with a real Wellness Coach who’s dedicated to helping you achieve your health and fitness goals. Just like you talk with friends, you can text, photo message, and video chat with your coach on an unlimited basis, all through the Kumu app.

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Riple   Palo Alto, CA

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Join groups to discover content curated by like minded people. Push your favorite online content to your friends and groups via our share sheet extension or within the app. Get involved in group discussions. Comment on your favorite content, like and reply to other comments.

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Oauth.Us   CA, United States

We help developers seamlessly authenticate users. We support email verification, password resets, custom user profiles, and a fully customizable look-and-feel. All integrated with OAuth 2.0. For advanced applications, protect existing RESTful APIs using our extensible end...

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Wutermelon   CA, United States

Wutermelon is a social ratings search engine, which displays results in green and red percentages format along with the number of votes, type a keyword to find its rating in green and red. Wutermelon can be used to rate products, services, topics, or answering yes/no ques...

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Aegora main

Aegora   Torrance, CA

If you've ever used online freelance marketplaces like UpWork or Freelancer, you'll know that the business match-making process is rarely smooth. In fact, it can be downright frustrating and heartbreaking. Aegora changes all of that by creating the first networked profess...

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Mezi   San Francisco, CA

Mezi is your personal shopping assistant. It's the simplest way to buy anything just by sending a text message. Mezi saves you time by choosing the best reviewed products for you from leading merchants. No more maintaining multiple accounts, filling credit card detail...

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Relay1227 landing

Relay   San Francisco, CA

See what people are doing in your app from Slack. Connect us with your app (with Segment, Stripe, or API) and you'll be able to select relevant events and intelligently stream them to your Slack channel when they happen. Transparency keeps your entire team engaged with cu...

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Neqtr   San Diego, CA

Neqtr is a socially conscious relationship app that helps people connect to new friends & new loves via causes & lifestyles, and helps them meet at planned dates like volunteering & yoga. Connecting in these ways are proven to build deeper & more meaningful relationships....

I Phone, Android, Dating, Philanthropy

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UpNest   Burlingame, CA

UpNest is an online real estate marketplace that matches home buyers and sellers with top, local agents who compete for their business. Buyers and sellers receive personalized quotes offering competitive commissions, rebates, and services. UpNest's no-obligation service i...

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LetsHang   CA, United States

LetsHang is a spontaneous way to meet new and interesting people who want to do the same thing. Simply search what you are in the mood to do and find people in your area who are looking to do that activity soon. Send someone a request to chat, make a new friend, and hango...

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Kampus Post   San Diego, CA

Kampus Post is a place where students can go to to share and organize everything they love about their school in one place without the excess noise of traditional social networks. It's image centric so students can have the ability to show visually appealing pictures of ...

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Postly   Oakland, CA

Postly is designed with a focus on simplicity, privacy and speed. It’s a new and more personal social network that lets you share content, life moments, photos or anything that is on your mind with your friends in a simplified social graph. Social networking should be abo...

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ZenLocator   San Francisco, CA

ZenLocator is a beautifully simple store locator for companies that have physical stores - franchises, coffee shops, retail outlets. It's been re-imagined from the ground up not only in functionality and design, but also to improve offline conversions. The locator support...

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Pally   San Jose, CA

Remember having a penpal as a kid? Oh, the simple joy of receiving a letter from a stranger across the globe. Pally is a new social network that connects those interested in cultural sharing, language exchange or just meeting a new friend from another country! Current ...

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Spark   San Francisco, CA

Spark is a mobile app that let's you discover what's happening nearby. It's a whole new way to connect with activities you're interested in around you and the people behind them. Spark was created to help the founders get better at being social in San Francisco. We're hop...

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Opoli    Inglewood, CA

Opoli is a transportation service app that allows you to pick your price, driver, and professional driver depending on your schedule in the safest, most efficient and affordable way possible. Rattan Joea, the CEO of Opoli, works to eliminate surge pricing and create a res...

Android, Mobile, I Phone

Scrumbot homepage

Scrumbot   Palo Alto, CA

Scrumbot is your agile assistant for Slack. Let me gather data from your team & summarize it for you before the daily scrum. Simply plug scrumbot into Slack, and you have yourself an agile assistant that will reach out to your dev team at the end of every day - getting t...

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Happyfoxchat live chat interface

HappyFox Chat   Irvine, CA

Generate qualified marketing leads faster and cost-effectively, than any other marketing channel. Customer Engagement Made Meaningful And Personal. An intelligent live chat software that helps dramatically reduce response times & provide efficient customer service.

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Capitan   Los Angeles, CA

"Artificial intelligence"-powered shopping list that learns your habits. If you always pick up milk and bread at Shop Rite but get coffee, cereals, and veggies at Trader Joe’s, Captain will show those lists when you walk through their doors. What if the app knew whe...

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Our Family Lives (TV)   San Francisco, CA

Today’s modern families are separated by time, place, and technology know-how. What if there were a central place for every generation in a family to share, interact and truly collaborate to bring your family’s most meaningful digital mementos to life (no matter where the...

Consumer Internet, Saa S, Cms, Entertainment


Guide   Mountain View, CA

Guide is a peer-to-peer platform that allows people to share their knowledge, skills, and time with their community. We believe that the impact is immense when everybody does just a little for someone else. Based in Mountain View, Guide is a mobile-first platform that enc...

Mobile, I Phone

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Honey   Pasadena, CA

Honey is a Pasadena-based consumer web company that automates deal and product discovery on the web. Honey transforms the tedious process of getting a good price into a frictionless experience. Honey's browser extension automatically finds and applies coupon codes for ...

Ecommerce, Shopping, Coupons, Deal Discovery

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ShiftAd   Aliso Viejo, CA

ShiftAd is a platform that allows marketers to create, manage and optimize advertising campaigns across various online advertising networks. ShiftAd provides tools, such as budget shifting, optimizations, and forecasting, to increase campaigns performance and make campaig...

Saa S, Adtech, Search Marketing, Advertising

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Approvl   San Jose, CA

Many enterprises today struggle with timely approvals of several processes that are triggered from cloud and on-premise applications such as ERP, CRM, SCM, HRMS, etc. The lack of ability for your work force to make real time decisions creates an inefficient process and lo...

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