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Qualitimes   Bucharest, Romania

Qualitimes is a personal relationship manager app that helps you stay in contact with the most important connections in your life, including family, friends and business associates. More than just a reminder or calendar app, Qualitimes lets you set up personalized notific...

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Devicehub wide   Bucharest, Romania

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Integrated solution for IoT development, combining cloud integration with business intelligence in order to integrate both hardware and web technologies, providing data gathering, cloud logic, triggers, real time remote control, analytics in a friendly UI. Specifically...

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entre news   Bucharest, Romania

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entre news is a human curated collection of the best news for entrepreneurs each day. Articles about entrepreneurship, small businesses and startups. We offer solutions to entrepreneurs for their steady research on related news and articles for their projects. We know tha...

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FeedCheck   Bucharest, Romania

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We help consumer goods brands get fast and easy access to their product ratings&reviews across any online store and marketplace through one review analytics platform. With FeedCheck, companies stay alerted on new reviews, discover what are the most talked about product ...

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Waldo logo cut

Waldo   Bucharest, Romania

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Has it ever happened to you to go for a bike ride in a sunny day, stop for five minutes at a shop to get an ice-cream, and then return just to see that your bike was missing? Unfortunately, for some of you the answer is Yes. It sure happened to us, and the feeling was not...

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Videolance – The Video Community   Bucharest, Romania

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Videolance is an online platform that connects members of the video community from around the world with each other and with businesses in need of their services. It aims to capitalize on the exponential growth and demand for video content by providing the only platform t...

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