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Flee   Boston, Us

With Flee, I can be in any application, see my lists with a quick scroll and be back to what I was doing without interrupting my workflow. Flee gives you space for ten lists and everyone who downloads Flee uses them differently.

Developers, Students, Creatives, Planners


Yoke   Boston, USA compiles a personalized overview of activity in your cloud accounts, such as your tasks in Asana, articles in Pocket and tickets in Zendesk. Our goal is to help you maintain focus and save time, while dealing with multiple cloud apps. You can quickly set up yo...

Saa S, Productivity, Integration


Upsafe Free Google Apps backup   Boston, USA

UpSafe Free GoogleApps Backup is designed for small and medium-sized businesses that use Google Apps in their work. UpSafe protects all your organization’s Google Apps from expensive and even disastrous data loss. It allows your users to get data back exactly the way it...

Cloud Computing, Google Apps Users


BeaconsInSpace   Boston, United States

BeaconsInSpace is a marketplace for apps to hook into existing beacon networks. Owners of beacon networks can list their beacons and apps can rent them. Be it a convention center for the day, or a bar for the year, BeaconsInSpace allows apps to scale when and where they w...

Saa S, Ibeacon, Beacon, Mobile


Yesware   Boston, Ma

Yesware injects data insights and sales communication tools into your existing email workspace, removing barriers to productivity and empowering sales teams to make smarter decisions, faster. Yesware augments the old-world, process-oriented approach to selling and empo...

Sales, Email, Productivity, Saa S


SpendAgent   Boston, Ma

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SpendAgent helps companies discover, manage, and optimize the money they spend on software. Unintended consequences and challenges have emerged as businesses have started embracing Cloud applications. The disruptive nature of SaaS and Cloud applications is a double ed...

Enterprise Software, Spend Management, Saas Management, Cloud Management

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Criminal Lawyer Westwood - Ekglawyers   Boston, Ma

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EKG criminal defense lawyer and attorney serves on Randolph, Norwood and Avon for personal injury, violent crimes, motorcycle crimes and divorce cases. A Medfield criminal defense attorney and lawyers at Canton & Brockton, MA can help you with legal advice and provide bes...

Criminal Defense, Lawyers, Westwood, Boston

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ProjectPulse   Boston, Ma

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ProjectPulse creates project status pages to better communicate project progress, maintain project momentum, and reduce daily emails with clients and colleagues. With only a single landing page per project, you're able to easily see and share the timeline of milestones wi...

Saa S, Project Management, Productivity, Client Management

6gatr tfd kt8a8bw83q jctzkm0v02dze xviak7vm   Boston, USA

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Free email list growth tools Privy's website popup and mobile landing page tool help marketers rapidly grow their email list from inbound or paid channels. Email remains the strongest form of customer relationship, yet the tools and techniques required for growing your ...

Marketers, Business Owners

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Resolv Fitness   Boston, Ma

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We make connected devices for strength training. We're starting with a smart resistance band that syncs with a mobile device so you can automatically track your workout and get real-time feedback. It allows people to do strength training anywhere, anytime and in an intera...

Fitness, Strength Training, Exercise, Bobybuilding

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Upsafe Free Google Account backup   Boston, USA

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UpSafe Backup protects all of your Google Account data from disastrous data loss. It allows you to get data back exactly the way it was just a few minutes ago. UpSafe will automatically back up your Gmail, Drive, Calendar, Contacts, Photos and Sites every day to the cl...

Cloud Computing, Google Apps Users


Upsafe Office 365 cloud backup   Boston, USA

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The more people work together on one project, the more is the risk of data loss. But UpSafe backup for Office365 brings these risks to the minimum, and you can freely share your documents with collegues all over the world. UpSafe provides scheduled automated backup and ac...

Cloud Computing, Office 365 Users


Unigma   Boston, Massachusetts

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Unigma is monitoring, alerting and reporting for AWS and Azure infrastructures, with benefits that are important to MSPs and Service Providers – multi-tenant, single pane of glass views, reporting, policy driven alerting and integration with industry tools like Kaseya, Au...

Cloud Monitoring, Aws Monitoring, Azure Monitoring

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LiftUp   Boston, Ma

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LiftUp makes strength training more convenient and approachable through smart exercise equipment that pair with an app for easy-to-do home workouts, automatic workout tracking, and progress reports. We combine this with a user experience focused on building healthy habits...

Io T, Smart Fitness, Fitness Trackers, Strength Training

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ComFi - Communications Fidelity   Boston, USA

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ComFi is the leading retailer of online international calling cards because we work hard to satisfy the phone card needs of each and every consumer. We carry a wide selection of the best prepaid calling cards available and believe that all customers, whether they're looki...

Calling Card Services, Prepaid Phone Cards


ESL teachers' platform | Your Agora   Boston, USA

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Free way to find, edit, create, print, and assign exercises for your ESL classes. Designed by teachers for teachers to make sharing, managing material, and grading much easier. Find resources and create courses to teach business English, grammar, vocabulary, at every leve...

SaaS, Web, Web Os, Desktop


PSDtoDrupalDeveloper   Boston, USA

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PSDtoDrupalDeveloper: A brand that builds and and delivers the best quality of drupal based eCommerce websites to the clients worldwide. We are known for converting Photoshop file to Drupal template or theme at the same time managing its originality. Thus, choose us to s...

Drupal, Cms

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vpntesting   USA, Boston

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Educational content, tools and methods to prevent cybersecurity threats. We save your money, energy and time. VPN services give you the privacy you need for browsing at a reasonable price − sometimes even for free. Our company researches the best secure VPN services to...

Cybersecurity, Privacy


Texifter   Boston, Ma

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Texifter created DiscoverText, a data science platform for text, survey, and Twitter data analytics. DiscoverText combines software algorithms and human coding to provide a framework for conducting accurate and reliable large-scale analyses.

Analytics, Data Analytics, machine learning, Software


FINTRX   Boston, Ma

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FINTRX is the leading family office data, research, and intelligence platform to the alternative investment industry & private capital markets. Leveraging their intuitive user interface, coupled with the largest and most comprehensive family office research tool, FINTRX c...

Saa S, Investing, Family Office, Database

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HelpDesk   Boston, United States

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HelpDesk is a ticketing solution that your customer support team can use to optimize their communication with customers. With easy-to-use collaboration tools, your team can limit their efforts and multiply their positive results. HelpDesk fosters teamwork and simplifi...

Cloud Computing, Saa S

Homepage1   Boston, Us

Not published is an online tool for building and reselling mobile optimized websites and native apps. Our CMS allows site owners to have a beautiful mobile site in minutes and agencies, marketers and webmasters to have access to a 100% reliable and totally white-label platfor...

Saa S, Mobile Web, Mobile Apps


Appcues   Boston, USA

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Appcues is a User Onboarding Software platform to help you captivate your users right away and ensure more of them turn into highly engaged customers. With Appcues, you can build native onboarding flows and tutorials that personalize each user’s experience based on who th...

Saa S, Design

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Sonation   Boston, Massachusetts

Hearing all the music while you play—getting the complete picture—lets you learn faster and develop your sound and your voice. And because it’s so much fun, you get more out of practicing with Cadenza. Record yourself playing with great orchestras and chamber musicians, e...

Music Performance, Teaching