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Cashout    Berlin, Germany

Play Like A Trader Cashout is the ultimate currency game for iPhone. Experience the thrill of real-time trading and watch your profits soar at the push of a button. Battle your friends and other traders, rank yourself globally across the cashout community and prove you...

I Phone, Currency, Game, Trading


Newspaper   Berlin, Germany

Add the Add-on to your Slack team and choose from an ever expanding range of topics that are relevant to you and your team. Our topics cover everything that a team using Slack may need, from startup news, though to growth hacking, front-end technologies, programming l...

Teams Using Slack, Web App


Uberchord   Berlin, Germany

Uberchord is the first interactive guitar trainer that can hear exactly what chord you are playing. Learn how to play chords with your real guitar having Uberchord listen to you through the built-in microphone of your iPhone. Our patent-pending audio recognition gives you...

music, Education, Guitar, Mobile App


30secondsmail   Berlin, Germany is the easiest and fastest way to keep track of your team’s performance! Simple and therefore powerful. Every evening an email will be sent out to all team members asking “What did you get done today?” They simply reply in 30 seconds and that’s it! All a...

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Spotistic   Berlin, Germany

Spotistic is a comprehensive and easy-to-use online marketing platform for shops, bars and restaurants. Manage your online reputation in no time: All-in-one monitoring tool for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Foursquare, Google+, Yelp, Tripadvisor. All your locations and...

Marketing, Social Media, Couponing, Restaurants

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JustWatch   Berlin, Germany

JustWatch is a streaming search engine that connects users (mostly cord cutters, but not limited to) with their favorite content worldwide. Basically with a simple search, you can find all the SVOD providers that are streaming the movie (or TV Show) that you are intereste...

technology, Internet, Movie Streaming, Video Streaming

CouchTeacher   Berlin, Germany

CouchTeacher allows you to take live language lessons over webcam from teachers that fit your needs and get fluent before you know it. CouchTeacher is an online marketplace, and anybody who wants to teach languages may do so. For users willing to teach, CouchTeacher fa...

Education, Language, Online marketplace, Tutoring

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MEDIGO   Berlin, Germany

Not published is a curated platform that helps patients to find and book affordable, high-quality medical care worldwide, with over 300 clinics listed. Medigo is free-to-use and allows patients to compare prices, clinics, doctors and reviews and then book an appointment.

Healthcare, Travel

2   Berlin, Germany

Not published

We will become the leading online provider of retirement savings solutions by helping our customers achieve their retirement goals with low-cost and transparent retirement products for the modern customer. We rebuilt the whole value chain around our product: the fairri...

Finance, Private Pension, Investment Solution, Fund Savings Plan


Kittysplit   Berlin, Germany

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Kittysplit simplifies sharing expenses within a group: no registration, free of charge and easy to use. You simply create an event, share the link with everyone who is involved and start adding your expenses. Kittysplit will then calculate the least amount of transactions...

Web Application, Financial Technology, P2 P


elumeo   Berlin, Germany

Not published

We make high-quality gemstone jewelry an affordable luxury for everyone: To this end, we leverage fully integrated, cost-effective production, an extensive product range and various electronic sales channels, including interactive live sales and classic fixed-price offers...

E Commerce, Media, Gemstone Jewelry, Electronic Retailing


Knicket App Search   Berlin, Germany

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Ever tried to find an app? Got lost in endless app store search results lists? The independent app search engine Knicket solves that problem. By using tags and filters, clear up the app jungle and find true app highlights. Knicket offers the latest and coolest apps on...

Consumer Internet, Apps, Search, Games


Lionshome   Berlin, Germany

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LionsHome ist a specialized product search for products in the home & living category. Users can conveniently search trough millions of products from several hundreds of online shops on the website and can filter them by criteria like price or color. While typical price c...

E Commerce, Product Search, Furniture


Koipee Prints   Berlin, Germany

Not published

You’ll be familiar with the day-to-day T-shirt industry and the 24-hour sale websites. We love the designs on show, but the problem we recognised is that not everyone wants to wear them (including us). Instead, it would be better to get a print and decorate your own four ...

Designer, Artists, Art Lover, Pop Culture Geeks

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OCULD Solutions GmbH   Berlin, Germany

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OCULD offers solutions to ensure that secrets stay secret. One of the biggest troubles for businesses and people is to use security in their daily lives. Security solutions are often too complex to understand, or too difficult to use. More often, compatibility denies di...

Windows, Office, Communication, It


RhodeCode   Berlin, Germany

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RhodeCode Enterprise is how teams build software in a collaborative manner. It allows companies to develop their projects using Git, Mercurial, or Subversion repositories while providing one user interface. It comes with extensive permissions management, and integrates wi...

Developers, enterprise, Agile, Git


PR on the GO   Berlin, Germany

Not published

PR on the GO is a soon to be released app that will get you direct access to media channels in your city. This keeps you in PR control! So no costly PR agencies needed. How does it work? 1) Everyday you receive 1 or more PR hacks for the industry and city you subsc...

Growth Hacking, Marketing, Pr


3YOURMIND   Berlin, Germany

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"3YOURMIND develops industrial 3D printing platforms for Industry 4.0 workflows. Their enterprise solution is already being used by DAX 30 companies and forward thinking businesses around the world. From our offices in Germany, Poland and the USA, we are optimizing produ...

Saa S, Software, 3 D Printing

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Hominems   Berlin, Germany

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We are an international fashion platform that sells a selection of independent, wearable electronics or smart garments and produces its own products. We also support enhanced fashion items using innovative nano technologies.

Cloud, Wearables

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Tomya Mateo   Germany, Berlin

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We are an international fashion platform that sells a selection of independent, wearable electronics & smart garments. Hominems also produces its own products. We also support enhanced fashion items using innovative nano technologies.

E Commerce, Io T, Fashion Tech

Leadeasily product

LeadEasily   Berlin, Germany

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With LeadEasily you can build a strong customer loyalty and successful business relationships. Mobile solutions are already a decisive marketing tool today and will play an increasingly important role in the future. Be where it all happens, use mobile advertising for your...

Mobile Marketing, Customer Loyalty


cvlogin   Berlin, Germany

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Cvlogin has a goal of helping everyone to create easy to read, beautiful and professional CV’s effortlessly. Cvlogin is absolutely free and it’s simplistic, one-click design enables users to create beautiful, professional CV’s in minutes. CV’s can be downloaded as PDF fi...

Web, Online Resume Builder, Hr


cvlogin   Berlin, Germany

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To become the most trusted and intelligent CV builder for individuals to get their career assistant, and allow anyone to connect their CVs with recruiting platforms & companies. Employees feel unprepared and overwhelmed when they create their CVs, apply to overcrowded ...

Online Resume Builder, Digital Career Assistant

Digital academy homepage

Digital Academy   Berlin, Germany

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Digital Academy is a Berlin-based startup dedicated to the education of trends in the digital economy. Current topics of focus are: Cybersecurity, Big Data, Digital Marketing, Internet of Things, Digital Law and Software development. We provide a platform to share trends,...

Cyber Security, Digital Marketing, Big Data

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HypnoBox   Berlin, Germany

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HypnoBox is the world’s most comprehensive self-hypnosis app in German, and since recently, also in English. It includes more than 500 suggestions about all sorts of topics such as confidence, weight-loss, success, anxiety, enthusiasm for life, health, etc. Work on the Sp...

Android, iPhone


My CV-Resume   Berlin, Germany

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Tool to easily Make and Publish online a CV Resume. 1) Create a perfect CV Resume in 5 minutes 2) Publish your CV Resume online to have it always available 3) Send, share, print or edit your CV Resume from everywhere, anytime

USA, UK, Australia, India


Wrkout   Berlin, Germany

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Wrkout is the most intuitive tracker, timer, log and journal for your bodybuilding, weightlifting, fitness, workout, crossfit and strength routines. It lets you track the reps, weights and time of each set you perform in a simple and flexible way. With its beautiful stati...

I Phone, Apple Watch, I Os

Rivalfox home

Rivalfox   Berlin, Germany

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Rivalfox gives you a 360-degree view of your competitive landscape. By adding each of your competitors just once, our software automatically monitors different aspects of their online marketing performance by gathering information in real time. With Rivalfox providing you...

Saa S, Competitive Intelligence Software


hytch   Berlin, Germany

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We are a transparent and fine-tuned marketplace where genuine companies compete for the hottest talents in the fields of software engineering, data science, design or product management. With hytch we want to reshape the market and turn the tables. hytch is answering ...

Networking, Recruiting, Human Resources, Development


Momenta   Berlin, Germany

Momenta is a simple yet beautiful way to capture and remember life’s special moments through the powerful combination of pictures and sound. It helps you remember the moments which are important in your life, and share them with the people you care about most.

Photography, Mobile, Sound, Social