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Rentheed   Minsk, Belarus

We provide rental companies and individuals an affordable way to market and advertise their rental items. RentHeed will make it more attractive, easy-to-use website also creates a unique and rich experience for potential renters to browse through rental listings for m...

Rental Items, Responsive Website, International


AngularTeam   Minsk, Belarus

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The department of Belitsoft Company consisted of 22 talented web developers. We provide trusted software engineering services since 2004 and to make it more relevant for our customers we've created AngularTeam website. We are expertise in the following platforms: Angular....

Php, Microsoft, Node.Js, Angular.Js

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BookYourStudy   Belarus, Minsk

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BookYourStudy is an online platform for booking educational programs worldwide. BookYourStudy offers all kind of education (preschool education, vocational adult and junior courses, Higher education, etc.) in different countries.

Ed Tech, Education

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Doxter   Minsk, Belarus

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Doxter is a software that helps technical writers create and publish project documentation. - Format text just as fast as you type with markdown or use a well-known WYSIWYG editor. - Structure your documentation, add tags, use content hierarchy and sectioning. - Invi...

Development, Document Management, Knowledge Management, Saa S

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inNativeLife   Minsk, Belarus

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it's a code-platform for web-services of different kinds creation - from landing pages to social networks - all in one technical way. Think big, start small, iterate quickly! And let us and other startups to help you! We are Startups Synergy!

Web, Saa S, E Commerce