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FuGenX Technologies Pvt Ltd   Bangalore, India

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FuGenX has a strong team of developers and technical support resources existing to intentionally deliver projects and programs large and small. Operating the best resources in the United States and India, solutions delivered from our mixed model method to ensure the maxim...

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Springlr   Bangalore, India

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Springlr is a do-it-yourself platform to revolutionize online ticketing. We provide organizers with a unique platform to create or sell ticket of any kind of events such as trips, travel, activities, meetups etc. Within a minute, they can have their own event page for...

Event Marketing, Event Promotion, Event Advertisment, Activities


KlickLeads   Bangalore, India

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KlickLeads is a new short URL service which allows you to add a retargeting pixel to every link you want to share. It helps you in retargeting the users who clicked on your links using various ad platforms like facebook, google and many more.

Saa S, Social Media Marketing, Website, Retargeting Users


navigers   India, Bangalore

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This is a one-of-a-kind travel platform that we are introducing to a burgeoning population of travelers. We are creating a web based solution and our charter is to help travelers find and connect with other travelers on the basis of their trip route so that they can tra...

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AnswerCart   Bangalore, India

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We have reimagined how community forums should look like & have included some really cool features like personalized home pages, advance editor, gamification, multi-channel notifications, user-driven moderations, auto-answer APIs, auto-distribution APIs, etc. We have ...

Saa S, B2 B, Software, Community Platform


Ganeshinfo   Bangalore, India

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Food prepared using fresh ingredients that are high in nutritional value, a balanced diet for a healthy life. No unhealthy additives as in restaurant food. We enforce strict food safety and hygienic standards. Our home chefs are trained in raw material, kitchen cleanlines...

Homemade Food, Home Delivery

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Smooper   Bangalore, India

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Smooper is a platform for social media professionals and small business owners. Social media professionals can set their availability and use the service in their existing sales funnels to provide appointment booking. Meanwhile, they can also get discovered on our search ...

Saa S, Social Media Marketing, Social Media Management


AutoSocial   Bangalore, India

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AutoSocial is an intelligent social media content discovery and posting/scheduling app. It uses sophisticated NLP and machine learning algorithms to find stories of interest to a business' audience and queues them for sharing. The content can be edited and customized usin...

Saa S, Social Media Management


Zimrr   Bangalore, India

Zimrr is a content marketing platform that helps brands and agencies create great content, at scale. Zimrr's content calendar helps you plan and keep track of all your content assets. The collaboration features help you brainstorm and share new content ideas. Workflows an...

Collaboration, Content Marketing, Digital Agency, Ad Agency