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Startup Button   Atlanta, USA

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The Startup Button is a platform to discover new product & services & a marketing platform for startup companies. Startups are the future, and The Startup Button is one of the fastest growing websites built around this premise. Created for entrepreneurs and adopters, ...

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CharterUP   Atlanta, Ga

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CharterUP (or <a href="">Charter Up</a>) streamlines the bus rental process by integrating the booking, tracking, and live transportation process into a single convenient app. Renting a bus has always been a hassle. But with us, you can rent a coa...

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MotorLister   Atlanta, Ga

MotorLister makes buying and selling cars between private parties safer. MotorLister digitally introduces buyers and sellers before they meet in person. Avoid stranger danger when you find a new car or list your car on MotorLister.

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Fittery home page

Fittery   Atlanta, Ga

Shopping for clothes online is hard, mostly because it's really hard to understand how well clothes will fit you before you get them. Almost 40% of the time, shoppers have to return the items they buy online because they don't fit correctly. Fittery solves this probl...

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Stay Roasted   Atlanta, Us

Stay Roasted lets you enjoy complete coffee convenience when every two weeks your personal team of craft roasters hand-selects your beans and delivers them freshly roasted to your doorstep. Here’s how it works: 1. You pick how much coffee you want delivered every 2 ...

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Cribb   Atlanta, Georgia

Nourishing and growing a startup requires a few essentials: funding, a committed team, and the time and space to work. Concentrating on that last factor is matchmaking service Cribb — a platform which enables a network of investors and celebrities to offer promising start...

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Pixkings homepage

Pix Kings   Atlanta, Georgia offers curated Instagram collections for your favorite brands and celebrities. We hunt down popular IG accounts, organize them in one of our collections, and share IG photo and video updates as they get posted. Our site features over 600 Instagram accounts an...

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Branded Bridge Line   Atlanta, United States

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We turn your conference calls into a totally pain-free, branded experience for your customers and teammates. Dialing PIN numbers is totally unnecessary. Nothing sets the tone for a meeting better than some cheerful Beatles tunes, but you can also choose Pink Floyd or some...

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Spots - Travel on a Whim   Atlanta, USA

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Spots is a social application that enables college students to travel on a budget or simply make new friends in town! Using Spots, you can find other students who are offering their living space at an affordable price. You can also list your own “Spot” as an easy way to m...

College, Students, Hosts, Social Housing

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ZipShipit   Atlanta, USA

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ZipShipit allows the everyday consumer or small business owner to ship as easily as the larger businesses and save money doing it. With ZipShipit you have the ability to compare prices from multiple carriers and then prepare the shipment from the comfort of your own home ...

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Muber   Atlanta, Georgia

Muber is an online marketplace that connects you to travelers to buy the unique and hard-to-find items you've always wanted. Whether it's chocolate from Belgium, anime comics from Japan or a book you want to read in your own native language, Muber lets you get the item yo...

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2   Atlanta, Georgia

Motion Array helps you make amazing videos. Creating a high quality video can be expensive. When you add up the costs for design, animation, and even music, budgets can quickly get out control. Motion Array is a membership website that is focused on delivering the h...

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