A Live Feed of What Everyone Is Doing Around You

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Knoxville, Tennessee

Whether you think, play, or do - Spontivity instantly connects you with others in your area. With Spontivity, you can post, browse, and join all your favorite activities in a matter of seconds.

Get Out, Get In, & Get Back to What You Love to Do: Whether you’re a night & weekend gamer or a Tuesday at 6:00 am runner, Spontivity learns what you like so you can do what you love.

Do Anything: Instantly connect with climbers, dancers, drummers or poets. Create or join an activity or just browse through a live feed of what everyone is doing around you and try something new.

Customize: Spontivity is designed to deliver impressively customized information about the activities you love to do.

Our Mission: Simply, our team is dedicated to uncovering ways to make everyone’s life a little brighter. We have no market philosophy or cute manifesto written by an agency copywriter. Our commitment is to uncover opportunity for everyone to share the things they love to do.

Always have someone. Anytime. Anywhere.

It’s go time.