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Reduce the pain of two-factor authentication without reinventing the wheel

Internet Security, Cybersecurity
Izhevsk, Russia
Public Beta

SoundLogin is a solution that simplifies two-factor authentication process. It relies on audio watermarking technology to transfer one-time passwords (received via SMS or generated by application) from mobile device to desktop browser. It is compatible with standard two-factor authentication schemes, so it works with most existing services that offer two-factor authentication, such as Google, Microsoft, GitHub, Amazon Web Services and many others. Mobile applications and browser extensions are free for everyone. We also offer custom SoundLogin based authentication solutions for B2B customers (web-sites, on-line services, corporate clients)


To start using SoundLogin install free SoundLogin Authenticator app on your Android Android or iOS device and browser extension on your PC or Notebook (should be equipped with microphone). Google Chrome browser extension can be downloaded from Chrome web-store. Extensions for Opera and Mozilla Firefox can be downloaded from our web-site. SoundLogin supports multiple services that offer two-factor authentication you can use it with Google, Microsoft, GitHub, Amazon Web Services,,, Evernote and other popular services.