Presentation Writing Video Training

Education, Presentations, Consulting
Toronto, Canada

SlideHeroes provides online video training to professionals looking to improve their business presentation writing.

SlideHeroes has three areas of focus that make us a unique source of presentation support. We are focused on: 1. The sit-down business presentation, not the auditorium style speech The vast majority of business presentations are not made standing-up, in-front of a crowd. Instead, they are made sitting down, around a table, updating a project team or presenting our thinking/ideas/recommendations to our boss.

  1. The creation of the presentation content (story, structure, logic, data), not simply the delivery of it The success of sit-down style presentations relies, in large part, to the clarity, crispness, and punch of the content on the page. Learning to create, rather than just deliver, a presentation is critical.

  2. The mastery of a broad set of skills, not just one Becoming exceptional at crafting board-level presentations is tough. Crafting successful presentations is a multi-disciplinary challenge that requires the mastery of a broad SET of distinct skills. These five disciples form the backbone of our teaching: a. The Art of Storytelling b. The Power of Logical Structure c. The Science of Fact-based Persuasion d. The Harmony of Design e. The Drama of Performance