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Share presentations live anywhere

Business, Conventions, Universities, Conferencing
Munich, Germany

Slideflight is a software that allows presenters to share their PowerPoint slides with the audience using a PowerPoint add-in. The presentation can thereafter be followed live via a smartphone, tablet or computer by inserting the six-digit ID provided by the presenter into the Slideflight app or webpage. Moreover, for future use, the presentation can be saved as a PDF and notes can also be added. The presenter chooses which slides he wants to share with the public and decides if he wants to make the slides available for download after the event. Slideflight targets big events such as conventions, conferences or university lectures as well as smaller congregations such as web conferences, teleconferences, business meetings, pitch conferences or trainings. A simple and practical solution for both presenter and public.


For the presenter: In less than a minute download the Slideflight add-in for PowerPoint from our webpage and share your presentation on the end devices of your audience.

For the audience: The Slideflight is free to download for Android and iOS. Presentations can also be followed live online on the Slideflight webpage.