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Changing the perception of maintenance providers to embrace the customer-centric approach

Property Management, Task Management, Service Providers, Issues Management
Vilnius, Lithuania
Public Beta

Serfy is a modern WEB based application designed for maintenance and service providers from HVAC, cleaning, business centre management and more to manage issues, tasks and services provided. Serfy is changing the perception of providers to embrace the customer-centric approach since the customer is involved in overall task process as a monitoring party. Clients who are reporting issues, creating tasks or ordering services via Serfy are able to monitor task duration, raw work time, create reports and analyze if the provider is meeting SLA promises. Serfy is the first platform for clients to manage and monitor their providers in real time.


With code "StompStart" you will get a free account for any plan until 2018 September 1st. Submit when registering for demo via