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Secret Delivery - Private Texting and Secure File Sharing

Add Absolute Security to Your Messaging And File Sharing With Government Approved Encryption

Apps, I Phone
United States, Dana Point

“Secret Delivery” Adds Absolute Security to Your Messaging And File Sharing. Updated app, developed by an innovative company from California, uses 100% secure encryption method that is commonly implemented by banks and governmental organizations. The Secret Delivery iOS App is developed to protect commercial and personal information.

Recent security breaches happening all over the world show that personal and business information could be accessed by anyone, anywhere. For those who do not feel confident sharing their messages and files with the rest of the world, there is a way to protect your information. Secret Delivery - Private Texting and Secure File Sharing for iOS is the easiest way to take care of your private communication.


In spite of the encryption complexity, the app is very simple to use. Clean interface with intuitive navigation lets you forget what’s actually happening on the backend. You can create and encrypt a new message or any file and protect it with a password, store it on your device or share via messaging, emails or social media. You can also encrypt files straight from your gallery or email inbox by tapping on the file and using the extension. To decrypt/read/view messages or files, the receiver must have an app installed and must know your password.