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Automatic basketball game film breakdown.

Sports Technology, Coaching Tools, Basketball, Recruiting
Denver, Colorado

Automatic game film breakdown

ScoreBreak is a digital scorebook for competitive sports teams. Taking statistics with ScoreBreak enables automatic game film break-down. ScoreBreak is currently available for basketball, with support for men’s lacrosse and other sports to follow.

ScoreBreak's technology advances current coaching practices by providing coaching staffs the ability to review fully edited and indexed game footage without previous required time investments. Manual editing processes demand an industry-average three man-hours per breakdown; ScoreBreak can be used to review a breakdown of a game's first half during half time.

ScoreBreak features

  • Instant film breakdown
  • Digital scorebook
  • Private team network
  • In-app video clip messaging
  • Outsourced film breakdown service

Pricing and Availability

ScoreBreak is available as a free download on the App Store. Annual Premium team licenses subscriptions cost $1,099.99 and come with 3 free outsourced breakdown tickets. Additional tickets $39.99/breakdown, with bulk pricing available.


Download ScoreBreak on the App Store

Available as a universal app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod