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RIpple - Make new memories with old friends

Mobile, I Os, Schedule, Reminder
New York City, NY

Ripple is the easiest way to keep your close friends closer. We use your friends' synced calendars and geolocations to handle the who what and where of outings so you can effortlessly make new memories with old friends.

Since we know you're busy, when a friend starts to drift away we'll automatically send suggested plans to ensure you stay close. Whether it's through local haunt or a Skype date across coasts, ripple keeps you together wherever you are.

While we all instinctively understand how priceless strong friendships are, the constant demands on our attention as full-time professionals make it difficult to focus on maintaining our close relationships. Because of this, Andre and I slowly drifted apart without realizing it, putting our decade-long friendship at risk. And though we were “connected” on every social network, none of them did anything to help us remember to meaningfully interact beyond asking us to like a status every so often.

So, we created Ripple to help you keep your closest friends top of mind and make it effortless to plan outings together. Now, you won’t lose touch just because things got busy at the office or a friend moves away.