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Consumable, customized and packaged a-la-carte news

Media, Journalism, Online Media, technology
North Carolina, USA
Public Beta

Reportory is a technology platform that provides consumable, customized and packaged news to readers when, where and how they want it. Similar to how Hulu and Netflix provide a 1-to-1 TV-watching experience (vs. traditional 1-to-many cable), Reportory is the first truly customized news product to offset the one-size-fits-all solution of traditional news publishers.

Reportory lets you pick which news sources you read, which sections you enjoy, and which keywords you want to track. Each day you will then receive your customized news, only from those sources, topics and keywords … no two news digests are alike! Receive your news in your inbox each morning, or simply log in online or via your mobile to read on-the-go. As your news preferences change, simply update your settings and your next news digest will update accordingly. Choose from more than 500 publications including CNN, Forbes, Bloomberg, Associated Press and more!


We are in open beta and invite anyone to test out Reportory! Most of our content is U.S. based at this point but we do also offer several international publications. Thanks in advance for your feedback so we can continually improve and exit beta phase!