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Simple and private sharing with friends.

Social Networking, Mobile
Oakland, CA

Postly is designed with a focus on simplicity, privacy and speed. It’s a new and more personal social network that lets you share content, life moments, photos or anything that is on your mind with your friends in a simplified social graph. Social networking should be about friends, not endless news feeds.

How is Postly different?

-IT'S YOUR SOCIAL LIFE, SIMPLIFIED: With Postly, sharing is simple and easy. You choose what friends and groups to share with when you make a new post.

  • CONTENT IS KING: Share your story with text, links, photos, videos, music, or even location. We make it big and bold and don’t distract you.

  • GROUPS THAT YOU CARE ABOUT: Create private groups for your family, friends, and interests. Postly makes it easy to share meaningful content, WITHOUT spamming everyone in your social network.

  • NO LIKES. NO CROWDED NEWS FEEDS!: Trust us… you won’t miss either of them :P

  • SHARE, COMMENT AND REPOST: Share unique content, comment on interesting topics and repost your favorite ones (if allowed).


Users can go to the website listed and get linked to the Apple App Store in order to download our app.