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Plantoost Your Knowledge

Saa S, Education, Teaching, Learning
Chicago, Illinois
Public Beta

Plantoost is a digital education platform made for learners and teachers. Learn from many available online courses, workshops and tutorials, or share your expertise and monetize.

Founded in 2015, Plantoost is a relatively new but growing company based in Chicago, Illinois that is on a mission to build the world's best community for teachers and learners to share, grow, and boost their knowledge.


Users on the platform can elect to teach a course, workshop or tutorial. For example, once a user has signed up for an account, that user can immediately create a course and add lessons in the form of a video or article. The user has full control over pricing and can submit the course for review once user is done with the curriculum. Review of course can take 3-5 working days but is normally completed in a day or less.