Our Family Lives (TV)

Create Your Family's Own TV Channel

Consumer Internet, Saa S, Cms, Entertainment
San Francisco, CA

Today’s modern families are separated by time, place, and technology know-how. What if there were a central place for every generation in a family to share, interact and truly collaborate to bring your family’s most meaningful digital mementos to life (no matter where they might be located) as well as create new ones instantly? And what if you could experience these never-ending collaborations on the big screen – your TV – without being saddled to casting from a smartphone, tablet or laptop?

While the OFL application serves as the ongoing “studio” for creating multidimensional dialogues, OFL TV completes the experience by converting these dialogues into video “episodes” on your private channel (currently thru Roku).

About Our Family Lives:

Uniting your family past, present and future ... forever! Our Family Lives is a collaborative Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) that targets Family matriarchs (Women 35+) where Family members – no matter how you define “Family” – are inspired to create new digital mementos and bring old mementos to life through the voices, videos, images, words, music, and more of each generation automatically incorporated and assembled into a new digital experience.

About iObjx:

Our Family Lives is powered by iObjx, the first Content Management System featuring Intelligent Objects. iObjx is a new paradigm based on quantum entanglements, accretion of objects and the ability for nonlinear playback.