Your Price, Your Driver, Your Vehicle at your Fingertips

Android, Mobile, I Phone
Inglewood, CA

Opoli is a transportation service app that allows you to pick your price, driver, and professional driver depending on your schedule in the safest, most efficient and affordable way possible. Rattan Joea, the CEO of Opoli, works to eliminate surge pricing and create a reservation system for users. Opoli focuses on customer value, safety and price. The app also allows customers to make future reservations and is compatible with smartphones, tables or desktops. This rideshare app separates itself from competitors in that Opoli allows passengers to negotiate the total cost of their fare prior to pickup. Riders are able to choose a driver based on the price, the car and the driver’s ratings. With a touch of class and personality, Opoli is ready to lead the way with its reservation system!


Check out https://opoli.com/ or download it as an app on your phone! On Opoli, you will be able to insert your price, professional driver, vehicle and schedule.