Meet OffGrid: your solution for secure, encrypted communications.

Data Security, Information Security
Chicago, IL
Private Beta

OffGrid is a real-time comprehensive communication encryption framework that provides unassailable point-to-point data & communication privacy.

OffGrid uses the most current encryption technology to protect your privileged communication during and after transmission, in your choice of media and specific sharing rules.

OffGrid allows you to communicate in a private and encrypted fashion consistent with company and regulatory requirements for data privacy. The framework lets you encrypt, control and manage electronic communications from a number of different perspectives, i.e., text messages, pictures, multimedia files, as well as create business rules including geofencing, embargo, and expiration rules.

OffGrid software allows the sender to manage communication: media can be permanently deleted not only from the sender’s mobile device but also from all of the other devices that received the messages.

OffGrid's mission is to create a world where people choose to take responsibility over their most sensitive information in a complex cyberspace, and to grow a community of security conscious people.