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OElite Ltd

Business website and online CRM

Cloud Computing, E Commerce, Enterprise Software, SaaS
Manchester, England

OElite Platform is a cloud based online business software created to make SMEs business owners' life easier and maximise management productivity by offering business website building, email hosting, and Sales& CRM tools all in one place. OElite Platform is segmented into two aspects based on users' needs: business website and online CRM. Users who need a business website can use OElite Platform to create a business website easily without involving IT. The business website can also integrated with online store and built-in payment gateways. Users who are looking for an online CRM solutions can use OElite to manage their sales, products, inventory, business activities and customers in a single interface. OElite Platform is mainly designed to help SMEs because most small businesses do not have sufficient technical knowledge and budget to seek for a comprehensive IT solutions for their business. By paying affordable monthly subscription, OElite simplifies everything and offers website creation, domain & email set up, and all common CRM features that business needs all in one place.