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The Modern Healthcare Platform

Healthcare, Platform, Preventive, Fitness
Bhubaneswar, India
Private Beta

Medioctor is all about you & your health. We are transforming the way healthcare is being Practiced, Managed, Perceived and Delivered. We will dilute the geographical boundaries & connect global healthcare ecosystem through our Platform. This is done by integrating medical technology with IT and the practice of medicine to improve the quality of life. Healthcare is about Life, Learning and Living; not just Disease, Decay and Death. We provide a common universal access point for all ecosystem stakeholders for sharing and collaborating contextually in real-time; while bringing the advantages of efficiencies caused in the unified process to everyone. We provide a socially mobile cloud based application with cross platform interface that is a process orchestrator across the healthcare value chain that brings together all its stakeholders.

Our Mission: To Improve the Quality of Life for all the Participants of the Healthcare Ecosystem; orchestrating The Modern Healthcare Platform to promote Healthy Living while concurrently reducing the despair of disease and decay.


To know more, Sign Up to www.medioctor.com or email us at info@medioctor.com