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Math Master

Play Math! Be Math Master!

Android, Education, Quiz, Game
Baroda, India
Public Beta

Math Master ( is a free quiz app developed for people who love mathematics and strive to improve it daily. Game starts with “Curious Kid” and you can level up your game profile by playing quiz and raising your total points.


◆ Books for every operations Game offers a separate book for every mathematical operation. Select any of your choice and start quiz. Available books: 1. Addition 2. Subtraction 3. Multiplication 4. Division 5. Basic Random from 1 to 4 books 6. Average, mean and median 7. Power 8. Statistics 9. Largest & Smallest 10. Everything from 1 to 9.

◆ Raise your ability chapter by chapter Each book has 10 unique chapters with increasing difficulty levels. Challenge yourself and target the maximum score per level.

◆ Unique questions, one at a time! Game will throw random unique questions depending upon difficulty level of chapter. You’ll be allowed to change one question per game.

◆ Game on & earn badges Play more and unlock new badges by earning more points! Share your achievements with family and friends.

◆ Know your standing You can view your world rankings: Overall and by Book

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