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Makibot Forest Journey

A high-tech steampunk robot in a dark, fantasy-fueled forest.

Gamers, Designers, Developers, Influencers
Sydney, Australia
Public Beta

Brief description: Makibot is a side-scrolling adventure, starring a cute large-eyed steampunk robot that is sure to be a crowd-pleaser. The game boasts twenty different levels with a mix of puzzles and the popular “jump and run” style gaming where a steampunk robot has to navigate his way through a dark and mysterious forest, filled with traps and prizes. Your goal is to overcome all traps and enemies to escape to freedom.

Problem it solves: - Amazing detailed design and highly-immersive audio-visual experience featuring stereo sound effects that are perfectly mixed with the original soundtrack.

  • Innovative “invisible” controls.

  • Free game with NO ADS on game view.

  • Collect coins and gems to buy Power-ups such as “Invincibility shield”