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Linktune is a universal music player and the easiest way to share music

Music Streaming, Music Sharing, Social, Music App
Los Angeles, CA
Public Beta

Linktune combines music services to search, play and share all your music and also acts as a mobile jukebox. Serving as a universal music player, the app eliminates the need to toggle between services when searching music and listening to playlists. Linktune breaks the barriers between music silos, offering a seamless way to share music with others regardless of what music services the recipients subscribe to. For groups, users have the ability to join a location-based “Linktune” session and together collaborate on a curated playlist. It is compatible with iTunes, iTunes Match, Spotify Premium, Rdio Unlimited, YouTube and Soundcloud. Launching in October 2015, the Los Angeles-based startup was founded by Alex Plueger. For more information please visit


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