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La Manguste

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Application Security, Information Security
Kolkata, India

Threat landscape on online asset security is exponentially expanding in parallel with larger dependency of businesses on their internet presence. Be it a corporate website which portrays the business profile among the prospects; or a cross platform cloud application with enterprise level complexity, everything is having a larger exposure to intrusion along with their growing commercial value. While larger businesses have the options to ensure sustainability by recruiting in-house application & information security team, implementing a large array of costly security products such as firewalls, anti-virus, app scanners, anti-dos mechanism etc, small businesses being suffocated under the pressure of the vulnerability against unintended attentions because of their limitation on budget as well as right domain experience to choose the perfect application security strategy.

At La Manguste we are redefining the application & information security strategy of startups and small enterprise businesses. With a vision of designing personalized budget optimized security protocol for every business according to their exposure to identified and unidentified risks we aim to be an all in one cloud asset security solution provider who can ensure the peace of mind a business manager needs to focus on operation and growth. With a compact and maneuverable team of highly experienced security professionals we not only proactively design best effective application & information security strategy, but make ourselves available to counter an emergency situation to effectively reduce damage caused by an attack.

Making significant contribution to make internet a safer place to do business is our mission of top priority.


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