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The iOS business email app for Microsoft Outlook and Exchange.

Mobile, Software, Outlook, Mobile App
Montreal, Canada

Process your email faster. Does your office use Outlook/Exchange for email, but you also use an iPhone? Kuriel is an iOS email app for Exchange designed for business professionals who get 100+ emails a day. Kuriel helps users stay organized, focus and process email faster.

What you can do with Kuriel - Access emails quicker by filtering emails by people, company or conversation. - Focus on important email while Kuriel moves lower priority emails out of your inbox. - Emails that need more attention can be added to your To Do list. - Kuriel is tightly integrated with Microsoft Outlook features so that you always stay in sync. - Kuriel is designed to work with any email account hosted on a Microsoft Exchange server.

We want your feedback We value your feedback and it’s the only way Kuriel can get better. Contact us at or from within the app itself.

What’s in it for you? Be part of a select number of beta users who will contribute to shaping the future of Kuriel. The app is constantly evolving with every release, so come and take the journey with us towards an email app that business professionals will truly love.